THE heterogeneous environment anytime anywhere. Internet connecting people



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Now we have systems which can work with multiple O.S. dealing with multiple frameworks .Earlier languages (like C or C++) had dependencies with reference to different architectural properties or different software in the system .For example: In C language, different memory size is allocated to integer (int) data type for 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

Needs were required to build application which can work on heterogeneous environment anytime anywhere. Internet connecting people worldwide, making data available for all to use also led to urge of developing improved versatile applications which can work without any complications on each and every system. In order to solve the older problems OOPS brought more other complications. So we needed to deal with this all which brought the Java programming language into picture by Sun Microsystems.

It would include:

Programming language which is simpler includes more speed due to interpretation part (saving time of compilation, linking, loader, testing, crashing of program and error resolving).

Transfer of programs in systems with different O.S is easier now and applications can run without any dependency (increasing portability).

With efficient memory management and automatic garbage collection technique will add robust feature to our applications.

Multithreading featured more enhancements to GUI based applications as they can now have greater performance rate.

Applications are adaptable to changes now and any set of working segments can be loaded into our system through network.

As Internet world is taken as a place full of data as well as insecurities due to its open channel but efficient Java run time system has predefined features which adds secure environment to it.

Thus these features are now available with Java Programming Language.

Also the very first attention gaining application made using Java is HotJava which is WWW browser where java build fragments can be downloaded and run dynamically.

With involvement of least resources, java can provide secure applications which are platform-independent. Main idea with the beginning of development of this language was providing a light weight, more secure, can work distributed and real time systems. Initial steps started with improvements in C++ but it involved many problems which could be best treated by developing a new language itself. It involved features of Eiffel , SmallTalk , Objective and Cedar/Mesa which overall resulted in secured , platform independent , network compatible  environment.