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The career most suited for my personality would be one in the culinary industry. I enjoy a fast paced work style where there is constantly something to do. Though you have to start from the bottom there is always the chance to work your way to the top. My dream is to one day own my own restaurant.  My first five years in the industry would most likely not be in a leadership role. Typicals one spends their first years in the industry in an almost apprenticeship role. Washing dishes, assisting the chef, or handling smaller stations. Eventually you would work your way to cook, one of the highest stations a beginner can hold, being put in charge of a major station. A smart choice would be to frequently change stations to insure you have a firm grasp of every task. During these formative years I would save a significant part of my pay to eventually fund a restaurant of my own.After my first five years I would change restaurants, i would switch to a restaurant with a different specialty, to further pad my portfolio. It would be necessary to spend several years in this location, to master anything i could possibly learn. I would then use the cumulative pay I had saved to open a location of my own. Using the knowledge i had gained over the previous ten years I would be able to craft a successful restaurant, rather than attempting the same from scratch without the proper skills.To be successful in the culinary industry you must be able to take a lot of abuse, from a difficult chef, customers, or even coworkers, the industry isn’t for the faint of heart. You must be willing to work hours, that to anyone on the outside, might seem excessive. Perhaps only one day off, or if you get more than one they would very rarely be consecutive. Initial pay is typically rather low, and no matter how high you climb in a particular restaurant, until you are the owner your pay will never reach astronomical heights. The true pay one receives in this industry in the satisfaction of doing something you truly love and doing it well.Personally i would flourish under these conditions, i work best in a fast paced environment that can always keep me busy. I can handle the stress of a demanding boss and strive to meet my goals. I am not squeamish about long hours. I can work weekends, holidays, or late nights if need be. All of these are traits that make me extremely suitable for a career in the industry.Even though a college education isn’t necessary for cooks or even executive chefs, most attend programs at a variety of locations, from culinary schools, technical schools, community colleges, or even four year universities. Applicants are usually required to have at least a G.E.D. , if not a diploma. Students in these programs spend a lot of their time in kitchens, either practicing skills or learning theory. These programs includes all aspects of the kitchen, from menu planning, sanitation requirements, to dealing with vendors and ordering product. Most students are required to enter an apprenticeship, or training, program and work unpaid to learn the trade in a real environment. (Learn How To)