The audience on online communities and forums, it

The first AmendFreedom of speech promotes the concept of Democracy (Balkin, 2004). It allows the expression of political, social and cultural views of individuals which leads to human flourishment. It also helps citizens redress their grievances against the government. Free speech is not only about your ability to speak but the ability to listen to others and allow other views to be heard (Timms, 2017). It helps bring out change in the society, as it allows different opinions and encourages free exchange of ideas. All great ideas have once in the history been a politicial or a religious offense. (Timms, 2017)


However, every individual exercising the right to freedom of speech, should be monitored either by self or by authorities. Especially, when you exercise this right in this digital age, when your posts, views affect a larger audience on online communities and forums, it since sometimes these views have caused outrage and caused harm to the society on a large scale.. Hate speech, defamation,  offensive posts on social media which denigrates people being part of particular group, religion, gender. In 2007, Kathy Sierra who is well-known software programmer started to receive threats from anonymous harassers. The situation got even worse when she spoke about it online, and started receiving rape threats and people started posting her personal details online

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