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The story, “A Rose for Miss Emily” is a story on a heart in conflict with itself. The story captures the void and emptiness in all the human lives as a result of the uncontrollable changes that take place in the world. These changes have made people be connected to their memories of the past as a means of surviving, but which sometimes leads a person to his or her fate.  Holding on to the past, is what Faulkner’s story is about.  The characters in this story try to hold on to the past because of their inability to let it go.The story A Rose for Emily is symbolic in that the stories of the past are reverted back to his life. The rose has a significant symbolism for it is traumatic. A rose can act as a symbol of hate and love or death or life.  The phrase rose for Emily puts emphasis on how elegance and beauty can be distorted by lack of love and neglect. The phrase’s meaning goes to the mind and heart of a person and unconsciously stirs emotion that one wishes to hold on, but, that rose will always remain part of our lives that connects our preset to the past.In the story, we learn that Emily Gruerieson was raised with the mentality that no man was worth her standards. She lived a life where all her moves were being controlled with an iron fist by her father. After the death of her father, she took her fathers role, in controlling the actions of the people living in town. She was filled with an air of mystery, and stigma and no one wished to be close to her. After her death, the town mourned the withering of her personal rose. They cared for the rose at the time when unpleasant odor from her house was beyond the control for she died alone in the house. This is a horror tale, on abnormal psychology, that allegorizes the relation that existed between the South and North, nature of time mediation, and a story of tragic heroine. All these meanings depict the conflict within a human heart.