The of a group. After 10 years

The Plan proposed:

1. Rejection of the demand for a full-fledged Pakistan.

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2. There was to be a federation of the provinces and the states with the federal centre controlling only Defence, foreign affairs and communications.

3. The individual provinces could form three regional groups/unions/ sections- A, B & C while election to the Constituent Assembly. All these sections would have the authority to draw up provincial constitutions and even group constitutions.

Section A:

Non-Muslim Majority Provinces (Bombay, United Provinces, Bihar, Central Provinces, Orissa, Madras)

Section B:

Muslim majority provinces in the North-West (Sindh, NWFP & Punjab)

Section C:

Muslim majority provinces in North-east (Bengal, Assam)

4. After the first general election provinces could come out of a group. After 10 years a province could call for a reconsideration of the group/union constitution.

5. An interim government enjoying the support of the major political parties shall be formed as early as possible, which will convene a Constituent Assembly to frame the Constitution of India.

6. British paramountcy over Indian native states shall lapse after the transfer of power.