The he filled up the negative space

The exhibition I went is called White Cube. It is now presenting the new works by Christian Marclay, all of his work in this exhibition are created in 2017. The work I choose from Marclay is called Scream (Curls), the works by Christian are all named Scream and they have an additional name in a bracket which usually is the focal point or the part Marclay would like to emphasize in his work.

  Here is some general analysis of the work. It is black and white in color, the line used is strong and sharp which shows energy and the sense of dramatic feeling. Marclay’s new series of expressive prints used the technique of collage, digital technology, and traditional printmaking techniques. By these methods, it makes the picture so full and less negative space. However, as it is a piece of 2D work included printmaking and collage it is hard to tell there is a sense of depth in it. The size of his work is actually very large (88.9x106x4.5cm), and the weight of it is heavy because most of his works are large-scale woodcut prints. The composition of his work is interesting because his used of collaging different fragments of screaming faces which are cut out of Manga graphic books and other comics and by sticking them together he create a new character. Just by looking at his work you can tell the lines used are dynamic, people can feel the tension just by looking at it. His work not only has straight and strong lines but also curl lines, he filled up the negative space by the wooden pattern.

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  Take a closer look at Marclay’s work, the colors used are imbalanced because his work includes different fragments of screaming and crying faces. The work I choose have less saturated black color (fragments in the middle) and saturated black to create the wooden texture as background. The light source is hard to find in this work, the brightest color would be the character face, which remains white in color. His work has a narrow range of color (black, grey and white). By the saturation of black and grey, you can feel that Marclay’s works are emotional, with the expression of the new character and having more saturated black it creates a tense feeling to people. Moving on to the brush strokes, although his work used collage technique you can see the comics he chooses are all in different styles and they remain their own style and brushstrokes. For example, the eyes of the new face have thicker brushstrokes and the mouth is with thinner brushstrokes. His work is highly finished because his aim in this new series of work is to create another hybrid character, mask-like quality, in which I can see from his work. Talking about contrast, in order to separate light and dark the contrast in this work is strong. Because of the use of flat printing, the use of contrast of colors doesn’t help much to create a 3-dimension work. Marclay used different interesting fragments to crate his own work, which makes audience to pay attention to the picture plane.

  Marclay’s work is rather modern, compared to those ancient sculptures we discussed in class are used to be carved and dig by hunters or artist and are found in caves in the past. Both works are considered to be a work of ‘art’ because I think both insist on its originality.

  Marclay’s work are amazing, you can feel the pain just by looking at his work. Which has a large resonance to all Hong Kong people. As Hong Kong people’s life is hard and fast, things are expensive, it is hard to earn a living and there is too much competition here, which creates a lot of hard times and sorrow moment to most of the Hong Kong people. So his work actually can attract many Hong Kong people to watch it. Marclay’s new character express an existential trauma to people including lots of crying or sweating it reminds me the hard times Hong Kong people faced in the past.

  Last but not the least, the point that motivates patron to sponsor his first exhibition in Hong Kong is that Marclay’s work itself had a breakthrough in collaging the new characters all of the work he creates tells a story, they have a different level of sadness. 

  Marclay has exhibited widely after I have been to his exhibition I get to understand his style and work. Although his works have no long history but his unique style of collaging catches my attention. I always believe to learn from people’s work and try to find my own unique style of drawing.