The but they have basic knowledge of English

The speakers’s names are Kamil and his other two friends. They are from
Republic of Poland. At first, it was difficult to talk to them because they did
not want to read the tongue twister alone. So, three of them decided to read
the tongue twister together. They were not so fluent when they read the tongue
twister and we can see it they were a bit struggle to utter the words in the
tongue twister because English is not their first language. However, they have
basics knowledge in English and they were able to speak English with basic
vocabulary as they are travelling and need to communicate with community in


EFL speakers are the speaker who is from other country that uses their
mother tongue to speak and communicate with other people. Mother tongue or also
known as first language (L1) is a language that is being spoke by the speaker
since they are kids. The mother tongue is the language that the speakers has
been exposed, acquire and used since their childhood. The L1 might be a huge distraction
and can influence the L2 if the speaker never been taught or exposed to it and
this is how the speaker’s mother tongue will influence the second language
(L2). In this case, Kamil and his friends are being taught and exposed their
mother tongue, Polish language, so more or less they have a strong Polish
accent. Even though English language is foreign to them but they have basic knowledge
of English language. They can even speak English with basic vocabulary as they
are learning bit by bit while they are travelling to other country. When we
introduce them about our project and asked them to read the tongue twister, we
saw that they can understand and though they do not really speak in English but
they can speak well.

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There are a few of loans or borrowing English words from the Polish
language itself but most of it are not common really spoken in English
language. In the table below, are a few English words that are borrowed from
the Polish words.