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The business model of the Citybee has been visualized by using business canvas model as an instrument. The building blocks for City bee that defined are customer segment, customer relationship, value propositions, key activities, key partners, key resources, channels, cost structure, revenue stream with these basic blocks it analysed main business area concerned with customer, financial viability, infrastructure and offers provided. Main aim is to identity how the company is creating good value propositions to customers and it’s marketing strategy-business ideas and business advantage to earn wider revenue. According to the analysation Citybee is leading its business in a well-coordinated way. According to the Business canvas model customer segment are mainly based in Lithuania. The primary customers are the Lithuanian residents, then students, taxify drivers, daily commuters, tourists value proposition is the one of the important factor in the business canvas model. In case of Taxify Citybee are giving their sericei and increase the customers through that activity and some part of the profit goes to Citybee. The most important value proposition of City bee are time saving, convenience, and affordable price. There are several Customer relationship factors like offers, self-service, personal assistance. Citybee had developed an advanced way of its key activities mainly include advanced and latest vehicles. In The below Table  describe the business model canvas for Citybee in specific colours which specify the customer segments, customer relationship, revenue streams Citybee are utilizing all of those process in a good way by providing a good quality of service to customers and good business strategy by providing modern vehicles to customers, Economic in financial terms with the help of this service customer saves time, maximum utilization of the service ,no maintenance for customers like they have to maintain all the time on their own vehicles Citybee provide its own maintenance fuel, and insurance for all its customers moreover it’s an excellent way to give importance to all its customers. Eco-friendly bikes for all customers, tourists, students and residents Citybee gives importance to sustainability of environment, in case of cars they will maintain all vehicles in time. Also, clear customer service centres for all customers especially new customers, tourists they will need assistance Citybee is providing special offers, good price for all its customers and treat them equally.