The disorders in the autism spectrum group. A

The Definition and Characteristics of
ASDAutism Spectrum
Disorders (ASD) can be described by the federal definition in the United States
legal code, “Individuals With Disabilities Education Act” as follows: “A child
is classified as having autism when the child has a developmental disability
that significantly affects verbal and nonverbal communication and social
interaction, that is generally evident before age three, and that adversely
affects educational performance.” (Code of Federal Regulations 1308/1308, 15)
This disease is a neurological condition that affects the physical brain and
brain chemistry, and can be a severely incapacitating life long developmental
disability. It affects a variety of bodily functions and may be manifested by
few or many symptoms. Even though two children can be diagnosed with the same
form of autism, their physiological capabilities may be very different. Many
living with ASD will display characteristics that overlap with other disorders
in the autism spectrum group. A person with ASD may appear as if they are in
their own world, having a unique set of sensory, physical, and mental
impairments. In some cases, you have children that can or cannot speak. Social
situations are difficult, with ASD, as one may present delayed speech with or
without meaning, hyperactivity, and repetitive movements. 2 In the ASD
population, it is a common tendency to be sensitive or unusual in reacting to
sensory stimulation through taste, touch, smell, hearing or site. A person with
ASD may have a time delayed response to learning, or may be incredibly good at
other skills. One child with the disorder could show severe physical and
cognitive impairments, the other child could have incredible skills in science,
art, math, and memory, but may be deficient in their social skills. Other
traits include having the inability to control emotions, reactions, and
behaviors. They may be more sensitive, or they could display a flat facial
expression, appearing to be emotionless.