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The lottery is a 50/50 chance for everyone to win, no matter the gender, it’s all about luck. The short story ” The Lottery” is about a community that has an annual tradition, which is the lottery. That consists of the community coming together each year and drawing a paper from a box and whoever gets the paper with a black dot is the one that has to get stoned to death. This year Bill Hutchinson picked the paper with the black dot, His wife Tessie right away accused of the lottery being unfair, They decided to let their family draw again and see which of the family members had to get stoned to death.Tessie ended up getting the paper with the black dot, she had to get rocks thrown at her by her own community until she died. In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson the feminist theory helps the reader come to the conclusion that the community men are seen superior than the women in  the community. They are the head of the household, they make all of the decisions, any man no matter what age is considered to be superior than women. Then men in the community are the head of the household. In the story Mr.Summers and they community are trying to begin the drawing but he needs assistance so that he can make sure everyone in the community knows that the draw is fair, but when he asks for assistance he refers to the help from only the men. ” Soon the men began to gather” (Jackson) all of the men gathered separate from the women. The fact that every man was needed to be present to get the lottery started and stand amongst each other. “There were lists to make up of heads of families” (Jackson) Mr. Summers is getting the attendance list ready for the lottery, but only refers to the men. In the community it is known that the heads of the families are always men. It is a title that keeps on moving towards the men in the families. There is not a woman that is the head of the household, when going through the attendance all of the families are known by the name of the head of the household which is always the man. This supports the statement that only men are the ones that are considered to be the main head household, That they are the only ones who are able to represent their family. The men are the ones that make all of the decisions, no matter the circumstances they will make the decisions no matter what. Mr. Hutchinson was with his wife Tessie and took the paper from her hands. ” Went over to his wife and took the slip of paper out of her hand” (Jackson) after the second drawing, all of her family opened the slip of paper before Tessie, getting to the conclusion that Tessie is the one with the piece of paper that has the black dot. She refuses to open it and is in awe when her husband Mr. Hutchinson takes the slip of paper without her permission and opens it, just because he is the man in the family and he can do what he wants. He throws her under the bus, after opening the paper he shows it to everyone one, he doesn’t offer to help her he just cares about himself and knowing that he didn’t get it. The lottery is conducted by none other than a man, Mr. Summers. ” The lottery was conducted as were the square dances, the teen club, and the halloween program — by Mr. Summers” (Jackson). All of the activities were conducted by the same person which happens to be a man. He is the only one capable of being in charge of all activities, he is trustworthy only because he is a man. Men make the decisions in the community not only in the household and in their families but also in the community. They are in charge and nobody can tell them otherwise, because that’s how it’s always been. Any man no matter the age is superior than any women. When taking attendance for the lottery they’re about to have, Mr. Summers asks for a man and remembers that he broke his leg and that’s why he wasn’t able to make it to the drawing Mr. Summers then asks who is going to draw for him and the woman right away answered with ” Me, I guess” (Jackson) then Mr. Summers looks at her, and says ” Don’t you have a grown boy to do it for you, Janey?”(Jackson) Mr. Summers doesn’t care about the age her son was, only about him drawing the paper that would decide her family’s fate, because he doesn’t think women are capable of picking the most important object in the lottery. Another time that Mr. Summers referred to a boy drawing for the family was when they were deciding who was going to draw for the watson family “Glad to see you mother’s got a man to do it.” (Jackson) Mr. Summers was glad that there was a man to step into his dad’s shoes when he is gone, but makes it clear that he is proud because he is a man. These statements support my argument because that’s what Mr. Summers kept showing, that no matter the age of the boy or man, they can do it as long as it’s not a woman. A man will always be superior to women. Women are not considered to be a great source of help in the community, they are only seen as house maids, They clean and cook. All of the men have bigger jobs, bigger responsibilities. Women  have always been seen as less, but in this short story it shows that no matter what the circumstance is, that will always be the mindset. Men should realize that women are capable of doing the same things they do.