Primarily floats, matching bands and even convoys of

Primarily celebrated in the United States and Canada, thanksgiving has over the years transformed itself from the original idea of showing gratefulness to God for his favors to a fully fledged national holiday observed on the last Thursday of every November and the second Monday of every October in the United States and Canada respectively. During this festivity, a lot of brain and body input is swung into action as a result of the various activities carried out by various groups of people to commemorate this event.

From the ancient days to date, certain activities have remained as they were while others have been continuously been revolutionized, all in the name of observing this highly observed occasion. Virtually all the human senses are put to the test while observing thanksgiving taking into account the fact that it is a highly anticipated occasion or holyday rather. According it the kind of importance it deserves is hence quit imperative.

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In the modern day thanksgiving festivity, the most utilized human sense is that of taste. This is because the entire citizenry in these countries which observe thanksgiving always strive to see to it that they direct a considerable amount of time, energy and resources to the kitchen so as to enable them put a decent meal on the table.

Despite not being a replica of the original meals ate while observing thanksgiving during its early years of inception, a constant trend of feasting on a specific caliber of food which more often than not include the turkey has been noted to characterize almost all the dinner tables over the last couple of years.

This state of affairs hence renders the sense of taste the most utilized one with respect to the fact that almost all the households prepare their meals with missionary zeal. Striving to satisfy everybody’s sense of taste during this festivity also has a multiplier effect on yet another vital human sense; that of smell. This is occasioned by the endearing aroma that always emanate from every household’s kitchen. It is hence safe to say that the human sense of taste cannot be completely satisfied without appeasing that of smell.

This momentous occasion is also characterized with outdoor events that involve utilizing the human sense of sight quite expeditiously. Sight often comes in quite handy during this event since several open field activities take place on this date too.

In the United States for instance, a massive parade constituted of giant floats, matching bands and even convoys of celebrated icons in the entertainment industry often match along the 5th avenue in New York. This event always attracts thousands of sight seers who come to enjoy themselves either by observing or taking part in the activity.

Song, dance and even prayer also decorate this callous celebration. Very appeasing tunes often heard both live or on television also seek to satisfy the human sense of hearing. In as much as the satisfaction of the senses of smell, taste and sight are of great importance, it is equally important to acknowledge the fact that these celebrations would be out rightly dull and unbearable if the sense of hearing was to be neglected.

It hence makes much sense to conclude this essay by attesting to the fact that for a fulfilling commemoration of the thanksgiving event, the satisfaction of almost all the human senses is deemed necessary. It is also important to take part in this celebration since it helps to renew one’s commitment to the family and the general nourishment of the society. These activities also help to encourage or promote unity by encouraging a sense of belonging among people hence emphasizing the importance of harmonious living.