Tesco ‘Food Love Stories brought to you

Tesco have recently launched a new campaign
‘Food Love Stories brought to you by Tesco’, which aims to bring good quality food,
and to celebrate the love and care that goes into making and eating the meals.

The campaign wants it introduce a new
love story every month, to show the role food plays in people’s lives.

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Tesco wants the stories to capture the
mind set of their customers showing festive foods through the year, “from wholesome, hearty meals in January, to fresh, vibrant meals
perfect for a summer evening”

Food Love Stories campaign by
Tesco builds on the work Tesco has worked
on over the last two years make the shopping trip better for customers, they
want to improve customer service, lowering prices on thousands of everyday
products and introducing its Brand Guarantee service. They have had to do this
campaign because shoppers were going elsewhere, places like Lidl and Aldi. In
2014, Tesco posted its biggest UK loss to date, plunging £6.5 billion following
an accounting scandal. So Tesco had to do something about it and set out for a
new campaign, but as it’s a new campaign we don’t know how successful it is
yet. Tesco promotes this on TV adverts, which is the most popular choice of
media – this is gaining many views because everyone watches the television.

Nikes Promotion Campaign. “Just Do It.”

Nike’s product
catered almost exclusively to marathon runners? Then, a fitness craze
occurred, and Nike’s marketing department knew they needed to take advantage of
it to beat their main competitor, Reebok. At the time, Reebok was selling more shoes than Nike, so in the late 1980s,
Nike created the “Just Do It.” campaign.

The campaign worked. In 1988, Nike sales were at $800 million; by 1998, sales exceeded $9.2 billion. “Just Do It.”
was short and sweet, yet summarised everything people felt when they were
exercising – and people still feel that feeling today. Don’t want to run five
miles? Just Do It. Don’t want walk up four flights of stairs? Just Do It. It’s
a slogan we can all relate to: the drive to push ourselves beyond our

Throughout the campaign Nike recruited many famous
athletes in order to attract customers and promote the image of Nike as being relatable,
to not only everyday customers but professional athletes. Athletes such as
football stars Ronaldinho and Wayne Rooney, basketball stars Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant and tennis stars Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were used in their
advertisements, including a range of people from varying ethnicities and races.
The campaign
was advertising on a big outdoor screen, a digital campaign, in Melbourne. It
was also advertised on TV adverts in the newspaper, and on the radio – all very
popular and get many views. Making the campaign stand out and be noticed.

Although today 80% of Nike’s running shoes are not worn for their intended
purpose. Nike’s fundamental objective was to represent there footwear as a
fashion statement to consumers, especially females, teens and males aged 18–40.
So this campaign did very well for Nike and is still very successful.

marketing objectives is to be number 1 brand in sportswear. To be able to meet
this objective they could do additional campaigns, they would be able change or
add to their ‘Just Do It’ campaign. They can add or change their slogan,
although it is popular and well known so maybe this wouldn’t be the thing to

can also do more sponsorship, this is a good method of the brand expanding,
when people see other people/celebrities wearing the brand they will want to
get it too. I think they could expand their sponsoring more – at the minute it
revolves around football, I think they should expand the sports they sponsor,
maybe sports such as netball, basketball, cricket. This way more people are
seeing the brand more people want to buy the brand.

For netball Nike should want to sponsor them because there’s not just
one brand everyone uses for netball they use a range of brands – so for Nike to
get involved with netball, they could then equip a whole netball team, with
dresses, shorts, trainers, bibs and the accessories such as  netball balls, the posts. There’s a lot of
netball teams all over the country, so Nike should use this to their advantage
– if every team brought everything using Nike then will make more profit and
gain more sales. Which will also allow them to become number 1 in the country
in the sporting industry – so they will have more chance at achieving their

these mean they will promote their brand, more people wanting to buy the products,
meaning they will have more chance of being able to meet there marketing
objective and be number 1.

process of informing and persuading customers to buy a product or service is
something advertising agencies do, they are a third party business, they also
try to engage with the target audience on behalf of another organisation –
aiming to meet their aims and objectives. They help to create, handle and plan
advertising for their business. With this help they can develop a successful promotional
campaign for their product or service. These organisations can include
businesses, charities, political parties and governments. The role of
advertising agencies is to offer services to their clients. They advertise on
the media, the types they use can be local, national or international. When
Nike was producing there campaign the role of the advertising agencies were to
develop their campaign more and help them out by advertising it and informing
their clients about this campaign and try to persuade them to buy products from
that company. They can be advertised on social media – which is very popular,
everyone uses social media is has a wide range of people viewing it. They also
can us TV which is also very popular, everyone watched adverts even if they don’t