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10.1 Benefits of upgrading RAM

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It avoids computer slowdowns by allowing the users to multi
task, adding up more memory means that you can run many programs at the same
time, because before the upgrade the computer experiences significant slowdowns
when running many programs at one time. By upgrading it extra memory is allocated
for the opening of several programs at the same time. This upgrade is known to
speed up computers, it helps the computer t5o avoid bottlenecking effects when
you are trying to run a lot of high-memory programs. If all RAM space is used
when trying to open programs, the computer will start to use virtual memory
from the hard drive, which is going to slow the computer a bit down. The memory
added to the computer doesn’t need to utilise the hard drive memory.

More programs will be available,
some programs require a set of memory to run correctly. The computer will run
programs that was previously unbaled once it gets upgraded.

Faster browsing is also noticeable before the upgrade has
been made. The web browsers load faster regardless of the internet connection
speed. It can also make flash content open faster. It’s due to the computer
using the hard drive’s memory when it can not find RAM space to save data, when
upgraded more RAM is available therefore making the browser much faster.

The connectivity is enhanced when connected to a network
when RAM is upgraded. It extends network for sharing a printer. Users that
print a lot of papers with graphics, can consider upgrade memory to make the
printing process faster.

Gamers will have a better gaming performance as additional
memory will benefit them in several diverse ways. Video games run smoother
without slow response time. It will make the game run faster with fewer
buffers, it will also benefit the graphics of the video. Usually computers with
copious amounts of memory will have a better 3D performance than those with
lower amount of RAM. Images in the games become more defined by being clearer
and brighter with a memory upgrade.

Benefits of upgrading Hard disk drive

To store files and software you need a good hard drive which
is fast, energy-efficient and reliable. Manufacturers release hard drive with
more space every year. By upgrading an older hard drive, it will allow to have
more space and store more software, games, videos, photos and documents. The
drive must meet the system requirements to run a new operating system or just
upgrade other software. Hard disk drive has become faster over time, the speed
boost you receive from an upgrade will not be as noticeable as the amount of ne
storage space a new one offers. A faster drive will improve computer performance
for example software and large files will be loaded faster.

On the other hand, hard disk drive becomes less reliable when
years pass by. If you wait till your old drive gets full you might be at risk
to lose all your data. Because if the old drive fails, you can lose your files.
Manufacturers compete each other to produce the largest and rapid hard drives
as well as to produce more energy efficient drives. The ones available on the
market today are made to consume forty percent less energy than the previous

One big advantage of Hard disk drive is that it is moderately
fast for the price you are buying it for.

Benefits of upgrading free to paid version
application on smartphone (Spotify Free vs Premium)

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