Summary: so we should try to make or

 In every organization HR department is
responsible for making, overseeing the plan and make a relationship between organization
and its workers. HRM is actually employee management as assets of business. It
is like a fixed asset of our organization .Today when we done investment in our
employees ,we do a lot of  return after
sometime so we should try to make or employees loyal and reduce their disagreement
and try to construct greater trust among them .

resource management functions:-                                                   

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Employees recruitments                                                                                                               Workforce management                                                                                                                       
Talent management                                                                                                                      
     Job role assignment                                                                                                            Performance 
measures or control                                                                                           
and training                                                                                                                Labor law compliances

that affect HRM process:-

people have a lot of information and manager is provided that information but
not to be detailed to the matter or issue so no proper work performance happens
and outcome is the loss in the organization.

of information: – In
any organization when a manager is providing all the information to all the workers
equally, results in the loss happening .When some person is saying goodbye to the
job and he has full information about its project and policies so there is a
chances of leak of information.


done by lower staff: – In
any organization when decision is done according to employees completely and
lower staff employees in the decision making then result is incompetent and unsure
decision results because there is be short of knowledge or results come without
efficiency or effectiveness.

on experience or performance: – Here is the positive thing that affects the HRM
because when we are rating the employees on their contribution and performance,
on direct basis we are giving promotion to them and give them encouragement and
on the indirect basis, we are spends for future because we are organize good
assets for our organization.

effect of HRM: – In
any organization when we have a managed system, we have high chances of profit eventually
results in the generally business form are at good rate and distribute and
share their hard work in expansion of economy.

of HRM:  

Planning is
the process throughout which we select what we have to do in the project and
how much investment we need or budget for that project, which employees we have
to select for project and  how much
involvement allows in the  project and
decision making. The next is Selecting a
competent employees in this when we are appoint
some employees for our organization, we have to set some criteria for getting
better output for our company. In the criteria we have to set some education
level, age, and experience and set salary for some period of time. A suitable
person contact for the job so at least we get list of normalize and specialized
person for selected posts.                                                                                                                                                   
After getting a list of
resumes so now we have to select a suitable person for the job so we have to
set following thing:

§  Written test

§  Interviews

The person who be
eligible for this criteria and selected person for the post , their names and
points should be given so who comes on the top must be selected for the
designated post .

Followings thing should
be remember while selecting an employees

§  Verification of data

§  Medical condition checkup  sometime needed

§  Alcohol test

§  Police record

affecting the compensation and benefits:

§  Wages and salaries

§  Dividends

§  Incentives

§  Bonus

So they are distributed
according to those factors:


Any innovation
comes from that person

facilities (Just in government sector )

Pension after
the retirement ( In Government sector or sometimes in  private sector )

Car facility and
driver facilities to gazetted officer

for learning purpose for employees:




Computer courses

generating courses as per organization demands

Through these means
employees learn technology and related skills

downsizing: – In
any organization when we have to discharge the employee so we have to set some
plans and helps him for getting one more job or give him/her some money to complete
their wants in a unwaged time so we have to worry for
them, if we did not do this, our organization will face bad image in result.                                                                 

Work life balance:

everybody is facing good times and bad times in his/her life thus we have to help poor employees in
that time so some reward given to them

§  Parental
and maternity leave

§  Summer
day camp

§  Family

§  Flexible
job hours

§  Leave
for personal matters

§  Medical

§  Loans
at low interest given in needy time

These are following thing
to be commit to memory during HRM process and by bearing in mind all these
points , struggle develops and good market name and results.