STUDENT’S Cyber can make all of these things




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NAME: DR.HEMA ROSHENY BT MUSTAFA              DATE: Dec 8, 2017



defined as politically motivated acts of deliberate large-scale disruption of
computer networks is on the rampage. Today computer viruses and Trojans
designed to do everything from stealing data, to watching user internet in
their webcam, and to theft of billions of dollars. Some cybercriminal today
goes as far as targeting power, utilities and infrastructure. Computers control
our military equipment, everything from missile to satellites and to nuclear
defence network. Cyber can make all of these things impossible. Cyber is
considered a new domain of terrorist. It is not necessarily a bad thing.  On the one hand, it means have whole new
front on which need to defend network, but in the other hand it means have a
whole new way to attack. A whole new way to stop evil people from doing evil
things. Example, suppose a terrorist wants to blow up a building, and wants to
do this again and again in the future. So he does not want to be in that
building when it explodes. He is going to use a cell phone as a remote
detonator. Now, it used to be the only way to stop this terrorist was with a
hail of bullets and a car chase, but that is not necessarily true anymore. A
well-crafted cyber-attack could break into his phone, disable the over voltage
protections on his battery, drastically overload the circuit and explode. No
more phone, no more detonator and maybe no more terrorist. So how does this
work? It all comes back to those ones and zeros. Binary information makes your
phone work, and used correctly, it can make your phone explode. Thus, the
recent studies have revealed that the emergence of cybercrime and terrorism and
its impact on society.


terrorist are going to engage in adverse actions against the country
fundamentally it has to involve people terrace. According to (Phillip, 2016)
cyber may be the storage of important data and files. Right now these terrors
can be planners, they can be funny, they can be foot soldiers, they have
different possible roles but at the end of the day yet, there is be adverse
actions against the country by do terrorism tactics it has to involve people
terrorist. These terrorist will make
transactions in support of their plans, plots, and activities and when take
those financial, communication and transport communication one can image what
the many possible transactions that people can engage in support of their
plans, plots and activities. The fact that studied by Phillip (2016) agree
in cyber world could cause violation of privacy. Those transaction will leave a
signature in the information space and the hypothesis is if take those
transactions over space and time by a group of people who are plotting
nefarious things against the country that will form a unique signature in the
information space. Now those transactions
that signature lives in database that are in the public that are in that are
collected by government and intelligence community agencies and that also live
in private databases.


September 11, 2001,
terrorist strikes set the tone for terrorist in the 21st century.
Cyber terrorist emphasizes their attack through virtual terrorist from anywhere
(Philipp, 2003). The 21st century has also seen the rise of another kind of terrorist
that lets nations and loners do battle without guns or bombs. The biggest
threat we face may be a rogue actor with a laptop and a desire to wreak havoc.
Cyberterrorist is probably the greatest challenge that we have as far as our
nation’s national security is the concern. We have an advantage over another
form of competition with possible allies except one, and that is cyberterrorist.
This is going to be the new battlefield an unseen invisible battlefield where
teams of hacker from various nations will due. For example, in 2010 a computer
virus named ‘Stuxnet’ demolished a secret Iran nuclear weapons plant. Hacker at
Symantec Corporation unravelled its mysteries. What made Stuxnet differently
was it did not just stick to the cyber world, it actually reached and caused a
sort of real-world kinetic damage. So Stuxnet just began spreading all around
the world onto Windows machines everywhere supported by.


is now clear this cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national
security challenges face as a nation. Cyberterrorist provide a general
awareness of cyber law (Gordon, 2007). President Obama is putting money where
his mouth is allocating more than 350 million dollars of federal government
spending this year to securing infrastructure and substantial but undisclosed
amounts more to national intelligence budget and he is appointed a
cybersecurity coordinator at the White House But in the halls of congress there
is an audible anxiety that neither the government nor the private sector is
moving fast enough the government has not gotten its act together the private
sector which is 90% of it has his problems in getting its act together. Cyberterrorist
connecting society to the worldwide (Phillip, 2011). The primary threat comes
from other nation-states and from intelligence services of a few countries. The
Chinese are good they have a lot people and a lot of money. There are a few
other countries that do this as well. The second thereat would be cybercrime.
There is a few countries that are sanctuaries for cybercrime and unfortunately
it would be Russian and China again. In part because cyber criminals can be
proxies and can be mercenaries. So the government does not want to do it.
Government ask the cybercriminal to help them out. Google alleges that China
broke into the email accounts of several of it is user. In January, 2010 Google
the world’s largest internet Search Company announced this networks had been
breached by attacks that originated in China. With toes to China and may cause
a serious ripple effect the China use some fairly basic techniques to exploit
vulnerabilities in the network of Google and 30 other companies. This was not
just Google to get in and in Google case do two things steal intellectual
property how Google search engines worked and look for information on Tibet and
human right activist and things like Gmail. Gmail accounts were compromised
presumably of human rights activists and workers and possibly some source code.
What cybercriminal did is they exploited
a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that allowed them to get inside the
company but cybercriminal were not financially oriented, they probably more
looking to find future opportunities for exploitation and potentially more
politically motivated.


underestimate the risk and potential of future scenario. Governments have some
pretty serious challenges when talk about cyber. Thing about the cold roll cold
war and the idea of government versus government it was very that sort of James
Bond spies very skilled professionals doing operation on each other. When look
at the cyber terrorist are talking about attackers who have the ability to for
individual who have a political agenda to operate on those to attack the
government and we still have the state sponsored threat. Chances are high that
such incident will be directed against other IT systems, especially if
connected to real-world machinery. So, government are put in a difficult
position because how do they dedicate their resources do they dedicate to the
potentially very well-trained very dangerous nation states or do they focus
their efforts on more individual radicals even that can easily get hold of
cyber and used them against critical infrastructure or use them for just


cyber war a conflict thought without foot soldiers, guns or missiles. Instead
attacks are launched by computer hacker. In Malaysia, there is a growing
concern that pose a massive threat to national security and a conviction that
the world military superpower needs to be prepared for the fight ahead. The
worst case scenario is an attack on networks that kicked out of critical
infrastructure something took on power grid, strip down order that composes for
one of our defence systems. Something like that would paralyze the country
requires loss of life causing enormous economic damage and would be very
difficult to restore in a short period of time. It is a new form of terrorist,
it is a new form of how disrupt infrastructure. There are attacks on networks
every single day that come from multiple sources around the world. Countries or
individuals that engage in cyberattack should face consequences and
international condemnation. China responded with outrange calling the veiled
accusation groundless. In some ways the China could not have picked a worse
company to hit because Google was the favourite child of this administration.
Big mistake they should gone after somebody else. So, the government
responsible it is the kind of question that plagued cybersecurity expert they
call it attribution problem and it makes responding to attacks inherently
difficult. Since hacker can commandeer computers to attack others remotely it
is hard to determine where they are based and tougher still to determine who
they are working for.


it matter whether there is a difference between cybercrime, cyberterrorism and
cyberterrorist? The problem is to deal with all of these things? It hard to
agree on exactly what definitions and how to differentiate cybercrime from
crime in general or cyber terrorism from the great world of terrorism or cyber terrorist.
It began in World War II when the British built a primitive computer to try
intercept successfully German communication and because of this government able
to make significant inroads into German tactics strategy and war plan.
Information is really hard to constrain. Example of a wonderful automated
attack is there was a slammer worm that was very powerful in 2003 it took over
large portions of the internet and slowed things down. It was an automated warm
it just propagated from computer to computer and eventually it got into a
nuclear plant without intending to so it got into nuclear plants in Ohio and
actually disabled safety systems and monitoring systems using at the time now.
Cybercrime is a scary concept for many reason. It can do possible serious
damage to various aspect of our lives. It is difficult to catch, track and
prosecute. The information ago has brought us many good things, but along with
those good things came some bad things too. From cybercrime it can be cyberterrorist.
All we can do as citizen is protect ourselves by protecting our information,
who we give it to and how much we give it out.