Stages 3 and 4 (Dehumanization and Organization) LibertyDehumanization

Stages 3 and 4 (Dehumanization and Organization) LibertyDehumanization is when the people who are murdering others dehumanize them or call them names, so they feel better about killing them. During the genocide in Darfur, the Sudanese government, the Sudan army, and groups such as the Janjaweed all dehumanized the Africans. They did this so their mass killing of people was no longer murder, it was just ridding the country of something bad. Since 2003, mass murder, rape, torture, and displacement have all occurred daily against the Africans. Thousands of men, women and children have been treated like and called worthless nuances. Even after the victims were forced out of their homes and into refugee camps, the murderous attacks still happened frequently. Children who were victims of the genocide were forced to act like adults. All the basic things needed for their survival had been taken away or destroyed. The dehumanizing words of the Janjaweed and other rebel groups made killing the African people not a mass murder, but an ethnic cleansing of the country in their mindset.Organization is when the group who wants to kill thousands of people gets people to follow them in their quest and believe that what they are doing is right. During the genocide in Darfur, it was the Janjaweed militia that did this. They started a conflict between themselves and the African people that later lead to mass violence. The Janjaweed first trained in Darfur, and they were meant to attack the people of Chad in al-Ghadafi’s Arabist war. They soon developed into powerful militiamen who went around causing terror. However, the Janjaweed had help. During the genocide, the Sudanese government was secretly helping pay for weapons and supplies to help the Janjaweed. The Sudanese government supported the Janjaweed and helped them organize the African people into groups. The Sudanese government also employed other rebel groups like the Janjaweed during the genocide, and armed and payed for all of the groups to destroy any rebel forces other than their own. The other rebel groups were called the Sudan Liberation Army, and the Justice and Equality Movement. These three groups had leaders, followers, meetings, training, and support by the Sudanese government that allowed them to successfully kill thousands of people. Together, these three rebel groups were able to organize the African people into groups so they could later kill them.