Extremely fine colour tones, soft and attractive colour scheme, emotional appeal and depiction of natural scenic beauty are the main characteristics of this style.

Basholi painting is unique for its intensity of expression, Kulu for its closeness to the folk styles and Kangra for its romanticism and large output.

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2. Basholi Painting:

An early 18th century Pahari style of Basholi (Jammu Hills) it is noted for vigorous expression, discriminating use of hot and contrasting colours and emphasis on architectural details in early specimens.

Later the paintings became milder in expression, colour scheme and animation, but gained in new themes like Krishna Lila & Ragmala.

3. Guler Styled Paintings:

A pahari style of later phase, it is noted for lyrical and cool depiction of women who bear the lover’s absence with much more composure than the unhappy and passionate heroines of the earlier Basholi School. A satisfactory synthesis was realised between Mughal and Basholi schools.

4. Kangra Paintings:

Exhibits the technical fineness of Mughal miniature and is noted for subdued tones and depiction of the female in exquisitely fine and melodious line illustrating the delicate grace of Indian womanhood.

Its offshoot was Tehri Garwal School and the Sikh school, the later flourished in nineteenth century under Ranjeet Singh.