Some of extracurricular activities such as music, sports,

Some young children participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities such as music, sports, or photography.Some children like to do something else than just study. Actually a lot of young students like to do different things like sports, music, and photography but why do they do it? and what are the advantages and the disadvantages? I will explore them in the following essay.Most of young students like to do extra-curricular activities but why do they like to do extracurricular activities?So I was making this question in my head for a long time, so enter into the conclusion that young children like to do extracurricular activities because the advantages they get, like: doing what they really like to do, for some personal benefit, or because they feel happy doing it. Another way of taking these advantages is by taking a benefit out of there extracurricular activities like: getting into a good college by the ability they have, or by getting into a competition and win a price, or if they want to work of that extracurricular activity. There can be many reasons of why young children’s like to do extracurricular activities but in my opinion is because they get a benefit out of that but no like a price or something they get unstressed or they just like doing that sport or whatever they are doing, because I have done extracurricular activities and is because I like doing that and because it makes me feel good I think the people that do extracurricular activities is because of that and also the people that are successful at whatever they are doing is because they want to take an extra step by getting more serious on what they are doing.Now what are the disadvantages of doing an extra-curricular activity?Well there can be many disadvantages of doing extracurricular activities but the real deal is how you take those disadvantages and continue doing your extracurricular activities. So what are dose disadvantages?The most commons are: the extra time that takes off, the extra effort that you have to give, the hard work you have to give. But there is another way of seeing disadvantages and these are: the money you have to put on to continue doing what you like, the place it is located, and the difficulty to get there, aren’t getting any better at whatever you are doing, is stressful, it makes you tired, sometimes you fill like not doing it, or you get bored. There are many reasons of disadvantages but I think is the way you take dose disadvantages, because if you what something out of it, you have to work really hard even if they are really difficult to get.There are also some people that don’t like to do extracurricular activities because they think the only thing they have to focus is on their studies and well that is a good thing that they focus on the studies but I think you should also do something else something that you like. Also, many people disagrees, because they think that the students should only focused on the study, because that is what it should give you money when you are older. Every person has something that satisfice them self of doing something that is good for them and that make them have fun at whatever they are doing is. However, every young child should decide for his self and not by someone else, so if you are the parents of a child don’t let him down you should support him in his decision of doing some extracurricular activity, because you don’t know what him or her could become when they get older. Also, there can be some young children that doesn’t like doing extracurricular activities  so you shouldn’t force him to do extracurricular activities, you as a parent or friend should guide them to do something extra, but don’t force him to do something extracurricular because not every person likes to do something else, every person has their own special hobby and it can be in many other things.What benefits witl they get?There can be many benefits by doing extracurricular activities and some of the common ones are: Well first they can get a job by doing what they want; they can get money and be more independent. If they are playing or doing a sport, they can get many benefits such as: they can have a heaty life, they can play in other placesand they can get more responsible, get values and also they can get great opportunities. For music they can get new skills they can have more self-steam than others because they can play in a show or in parties. Playing music can also bring some relaxing and removing exhaustion. If you like photography you can make your own business and this could bring a lot of great benefits such as being self-independent, or by making money, or being more creative and not only that; you could do what you like the most and not only in this three you can also do it in different extracurricular activities. Well these are some of the most common benefits of the main topics (sports, music, photography) but they can be many of them and even if they are difficult you will some great benefit or experience out of that extra-curricular activity.They values you can get by doing some extracurricular activities are:Responsible, because when you dedicate at something you have to be responsible by doing that and also all the things that you have to do, and there can be many reasons of why doing extracurricular activities makes you more responsible. Team work: almost all extracurricular activities involve team work. Team involves working together to reach a common goal, and promote the development of the skills needed to do so successfully with a diverse group of people. Hard work: by doing some extracurricular activities you learn to work hard and be dedicated at whatever sport you are trying to be successful at. So for this reason if you want to be successful you have to work hard and there is a great phrase that I have heard from my father that is “you don’t always get what you which for, you get what you work for”. Healthy life: almost most of the extracurricular activities give you a healthy life. Is really important to have a healthy life because this reduces the chances of being a obesity person. Also, this will help you to have a better life. This are one of the most common ones that I think are the most important ones of this kind of activities, but they can also be many other values.There has always been a phrase that we have all hear about it “when you do something that you like to do, you will never work” I think this is one of the greets phrases that I have hear because it is true when you do something that you like you almost never get tired of doing that, and also the time passes really fast because you are having fun, so this is another reason on why young children should do extracurricular activities and have fun at it.So we see there are many disadvantages and many advantages, but I believe there can be more advantages because it is the way you take the circumstances and continue doing what you like the most Also always see the positive side of the effort you are putting, because that will make the change. So do what you like the most and continue doing it. And for the people that doesn’t do anything I recommend to start doing something or look out for something you like even if is hard, because you can leam many things and you can get a lot of great’s benefits out Because school should not be the only thing to do to become a successful person.