Furthermore, the company which is yet to

Furthermore, it should not be deceptively identical to the existing mark of the other person and should not be such that which is restricted in the Act.

In India, any person who claims to be the trademark proprietor can apply for the trademark registration of the goods and services. For registration, the application can be filed in the Trademark Office, in whose jurisdiction the principal place of your business falls.

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If the principal office is not situated in India then the applicant can file the application in the trademark office in whose jurisdiction the lawyer appointed by the applicant is situated.

In case it is the company which is yet to be formed then anyone can apply for the registration on the behalf of the company. It is prudent to make a proper search in the trademark office for ensuring that your registration may not be canceled due to the similarity of the proposed mark to the already existing one.

In India, the registration term of the trademark is 10 years which can be renewed further for next 10 years by paying the renewal fees.

In India, only the trademark proprietor whose trademark has been registered can put the symbol into use. If any use the symbol without the registration of mark he/she will be held under illegal use of the trademark.

If anyone is engage in selling or providing services by using the false trademark he/she will be entitle to the penalty of minimum 6 months which may extend to maximum of 3 years and with the fine of not less than Rs.50,000 and which can extend to Rs.2,00,000.