If some basic necessities of furniture. It

If the cost of diesel will be prohibitively costly or if becomes scarce and other alternative energy sources will not be developed the humanity will have to fall back on the cattie for farming .The farm cattle population is dwindling.

The present farm cattle may be just enough to cultivate only 50% of the cultivated area, that rest is being cultivated by mechanized farming. If there is further dwindling. The present farm cattle may be just enough to cultivate by mechanized farming.

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If there is further dwindling of cattle population and there will be exorbitant increase in the cost of diesel or machinery very large areas of agricultural land will remain fallow. The population of a country even if it is endowed with rich soils, plenty of rain-fall and sunshine will starve to death.

Similarly the forest and trees should be protected. Apart from the environmentalist’s point of view, I say this as a common man for the common man’s necessities. Timber will be required basically for housing and agricultural implements and for fuel needs of the population.

The Timber should be cheap so that a common man can have his house, agricultural Implements at a cheaper cost from the sources which the nature gives him free or with minimum of cost.

Such wealth of the nation should not be permitted to be squandered away; Use of timber should be restricted only to the extent of housing and agricultural implements and some basic necessities of furniture.

It is not the case now. “Timber is abused rather than used by the rich citizens.” Instead of using the timber for basic necessities the forest and tree wealth is plundered for ugly necessities.

Luxurious wall paneling wooden partitions in Offices, houses show-rooms for business establishments, for production of luxurious papers and in so many other ways, for the industrial purposes the wood is abused.

Cannot a citizen live and work in plain houses or offices or business establishments with plain papers where the wood products are not used for decoration, show of wealth and show of pomp.

India which was a green paradise 50 years back with lush green forest had lost the charm. The tree wealth of the country had been wasted not for housing or agricultural implements or fuel, but for the luxuries of few.

The State should step in and restrict the use of timber only for basic necessities i.e., housing, agricultural implements and fuel for the population.

Felling of any type of tree should be banned for 20 years in India. Only the trees which had withered away or uprooted should be permitted to be cut.

The farmers may be asked to raise timber yielding trees such as teak, Caesarean, Euacalyptus, and Oak etc. on the boundaries of their farms statutory. Seedlings may be supplied to the farmers on nominal cost to raise the trees on the boundaries of their fields.

Optimum use of available land is made to raise the trees. In urban areas in every available open land including the court-yard of the houses trees which will give green shade should be raised and the same must be made compulsory by making necessary changes in the Municipalities Acts.