At symmetrical and proportional. Today, good physical

At times it helps to consult an expert. They should be done preferably early in the morning and in an empty stomach. It is also important to see that exercises affect every part of the body and should last for some time. What is important is not how vigorously one does exercise but, how regularly and systematically it is done.

The foremost benefit derived from physical exercises is that it helps to acquire good health. Today, large sections of the population, particularly people in the urban centres, are spending thousands of rupees to acquire sound health.

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The amount of money spent on diet, medicine and improving physical appearance is phenomenal. But, if all of them could do a bit of physical exercise regularly their health would have been in a much better condition. Exercises in the open air remove fatigue, vitalise lungs, refresh the body, replenish the lost energy, improve blood circulation and helps in digestion. It dispels dullness and laziness.

Another significant merit of physical exercise is that it makes our body look smart, and feel flexible. The unnecessary fat stored in our body is dispelled and the body becomes symmetrical and proportional. Today, good physical appearance is of vital importance for success in life as well as career. Physical exercise makes our minds sharp, thinking clear and our over-all performance better. Regular physical exercises can make us vibrant and enthusiastic about life and living.

In a civilization where most people’s life is marred by tension, worry, ill health, occupational hazards, environmental pollution, etc., physical exercise can act as a balm. It can soothe our strained minds, dispel dullness, provide sound health and make our body fit and smart. Physical exercise is never a waste of time but rather precious moments well spent.