In regime will be over-thrown. Basic Duties

In other words the citizens retain the freedom mentioned above themselves and empower the State to make laws on all subjects sc that they can lead a regulated life and avoid anarchy.

It should be always kept in mind by the State i.e., people’s representatives or king or a Dictator that the basic rights of human beings cannot be tampered with. Any attempt to trample them, will result in resistance, revolution and the regime will be over-thrown.

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Basic Duties of Citizens:

Everybody gives importance to the Duties of the State towards its citizens. What it should do and what it should not do for the citizens.

State is not like a company or corporation who is independent of citizens having separate entity and that State and that State and citizens are to behave as bound by a treaty or agreement between two people.

The Citizen should always remember that the State is their own creation to govern their lives. In other words State is like an off spring of citizens. A parent cannot act in detriment to the interest of his own child.

A parent of-powerful child or a prosperous child does not expect any monetary gains from his child. He may expect a proper respect or affection or care from his child. To expect any monetary gains by a parent from his off spring is preposterous.

As a parent may expect care and attention from his child, and not monetary gains, similarly a citizen may expect care and attention from the state for protection against crime, injustice, ill-health etc., only.

A father, who expects and demands from his child any monetary gains, is not a good father. Similarly if any citizen who wants or gets any monetary gains unduly from the State is more than such father.

If the state is like a house, the citizens are like bricks of the house. If the bricks disintegrate themselves or become weak or are inherently weak, the house will collapse.

Every citizen’s object should be that he will be physically and mentally sound. The politicians and civil servants are like Cement who will bind the bricks and make the house standing.

The house will not stand if either the Cement is defective or bricks are weak. It is the basic duty of every citizen not to get himself disintegrated either physically or mentally. State requires citizens not for head-counting but for use in times of war and necessity.