In examples of that we can saw few

In these elections the Indian National Congress was defeated and the Janta Party formed the Government in centre and Morarji Desai became the fourth Prime Minister of India, but this Govt, of Janta Party was not completed its tenure of five years and then in 1980 the country had to face another General

Elections. This is the first incident of Political unstability. After that in 1989 another time of Political unstability was came when Vishwanath Pratap Singh and Chandrashekhar became the Prime Ministers of India for few years. This was the time of political unstability.

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In 1996 after the rule of P.V. Narsimha Rao another time of political unstability was came when H.D. Devegauda and I.K. Gujral became the Prime Minister of India. This was the story of the political unstablity in centre.

Political unstability also a big problem in states also, there are a lot of examples of that we can saw few years when BSP and BJP were jointly formed the Government in U.P. with the condition of change in leadership at the duration of 6 months.

This was decided that first six months Mayawati became the Chief Minister and six months Kalyan Singh became the Chief Minister. When Mayawati completed her period of 6 months and the time of Kalyan Singh’s Chiefministership was came then Mayawati immediately withdrawn her support from the Government and the stability of Government was finished.

The main reason of the political unstability is that in any type of election one single party does not get the full majority in the house so for achieving the magic number political parties have to join hands with other political parties and then all the parties who are in the Government they all are ready to fulfill their benefits and then the greeds of all parties clash with each other then Government break and this cause the political unstability.

Now a days another strange example of political unstability was seen in Madhya Pradesh. In assembly elections of 2003 in Madhya Pradesh BJP won 165 seats in 210 seat house this was a great win and Uma Bharti became the Chief Minister of M.P. Government then after some time Uma Bharti had to left the seat because of any controversey against her and then Babulal Gaur became the new Chief Minister of M.P.

but the supporters MLA of Uma Bharti could not support the Government and created a lot of troubles for Babulal Gaur after that the Babulal Gaur also removed from the Chief Ministership by the party high command then the president of Madhya Pradesh BJP Shivraj Singh Chauhan became the new Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

The personel greed of the leader always create troubles for the working and stability of the Government this is very unfortunate and harmful for the people of our country.

Political unstability many times became the reason of midterm elections these elections causes the expenditure of crores and that money which must be spent on the development of country that money waste over elections.

If we want to make our country develop then we very carefully elect good, honest and responsible leaders and then gave them full authority to work, by this the Government can do the work for the betterment of people.