As found my companions in a similar

As I reached the school for the last day of my school life, I found my companions in a similar plight looking sad and sober. We were welcomed at the school gate by bouquets of flowers. Within minutes we were led into the school’s auditorium where a grand farewell get-together programme was organised for us.

The function commenced with an introductory speech by the Headmaster and thereafter items of dance, group songs, playlets, speeches, etc., followed one after the other. Finally, the leader of our class was invited to speak a few words after which we were taken solemnly for a farewell tea party with the staff.

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As we proceeded to the Staff Meeting room for the tea party, the boys and girls of the higher sections were standing in two rows of line. They shook our hands and wished us goodbye for the last time. We were deeply moved by the gesture.

The tea party was the most touching part of the day. As we sat in our places, most of our eyes were in tears. We could hardly eat or drink anything. We were choked with emotions. Little later Headmaster spoke to us for the last time, exhorting us to be disciplined in life and to be men and women of character.

Two or three senior teachers too, spoke on the occasion giving us some tips for success in Examination as well as in life. Many students among us stood up to speak a few words of gratitude and promises to do our best in life. The tea party ended on a sad note with a touching fare well song, sung by the students of class IX – the then senior- most class of the school. Thereafter, we proceeded to thank our teachers individually by bending down and touching their feet in obeisance. As we did so, we presented specially made ‘gamochas’ (hand-woven towels) to our beloved teachers as a sign of gratitude and affection. With choked emotions and sad feelings, we came out of the Staff Meeting Room. Thus, ended the last day of my school life.

The last day of my school was really memorable and touching. It concluded 13 years of my school life-13 years of happy days spent together. I can recall everything that happened on that great day very vividly. On and off, the events of that memorable day dot my mental horizon with sweet and sad nostalgic feelings.