The pass the competitive premedical examination, before

The look of concern, sense of empathy and the feeling of confidence that the doctor inspires in a patient, mitigates his suffering. He is looked upon as a messiah by the sick and the infirm.

No matter how big or powerful a man might be, he invariably does fall sick and has to seek the doctor’s help. There are many other professions that offer more money, power and glamour, but none commands the respect and the dignity of a doctor.

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All these are but transitory things, that are there today and gone tomorrow, but the status and service of a doctor does not diminish. On the other hand, if he practices his profession nobly, it increases and multiplies with the passage of time.

The road to realising my dream is not easy, nor do I expect it to be so. I would have to pass the competitive premedical examination, before I could gain entry to a medical college. I have begun preparation for the same in earnest and with God’s grace I do hope to clear the test. I would like to specialise in Cardiac diseases after completing my MBBS.

This is a fatal ailment that has afflicted us and is on the rise. It has now started afflicting even young people and this country would need many cardiologists to take care of them.

This is my dream which I do hope will come true. I shall leave no stone unturned to turn my ambition into reality, for I firmly believe that our triumphs and defeats are in us. H.W. Longfellow rightly echoes these sentiments when he says “Not in the clamour of crowded streets not in the shouts of plaudits of the throng. But in ourselves are triumphs and defeats.”