Judges, language should be imported to law students.

Judges, Lawyers and Law teachers could not change basic postulates of common law. They do not play any role in the formulation of policies, law colleges and universities perennially followed traditional path.

We want Jurists of eminence and judges of repute. Since law is one of the social sciences, therefore, the study of history politics, economics and sociology should be liked with the study of law.

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It shall be having new vision to lawyers and Jurists; Language is the life of Law. The scientific knowledge of language is essential for every student of Law. Unfortunately our students know very little about the languages.

It is desirable that basic knowledge of the language should be imported to law students. The study of law along with social sciences and language shall improve legal education.

The examination system of our universities is defective. It is illusion. It is out dated and obsolete. It is hardly test or examination. Legal Education requires special attention in the present context. Law classes are overcrowded.

There is birth of law teachers, the Bar council of India could not properly regulates legal education. The resolution passed by bar council of India is not implemented. Law classes in our country have become index of unemployment.

Lectures delivered by teachers should be supported by important cases. The basic concept of law should be thought. Moot courts are very important for legal education. Standard and cheap books should be published by the proper authorities.

For the restriction on guess paper, immediate law is desirable. Admission in law classes should be according to standard of the student’s group discussion, seminars and tutorials are also useful for the proper understanding of law proper arrangements for the courts visits and practical training to the law student will be very helpful to the prospective lawyers.

A minimum court attendance should also be fixed along with their subjects of law students. A minimum financial assistance should also be provided by Bar Council of India to the poor as well as to the intelligent law students.