It clouds here and there. Our school compound

It is a day of thanksgiving. Last year our School’s Parents’ Day was held on 10th October. The day was fine and sunny with few streaks of clouds here and there. Our school compound wore a festive look. Arches and colourful flags were everywhere.

Music and song filled the air. The main road leading to the school was beautifully decorated. The children were in their best attire. A group of little kids, dressed in local costumes, stood like angels at the entrance; welcoming everyone with their folded hands.

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The function started at 9.30 a.m. with the welcoming of the Chief Guest and the special invitees. They were led to the decorated Pandal by a group of Wangala dancers (Garo dancers). The Chief Guest for the function was our newly appointed District Deputy commissioner.

As soon as the Chief Guest reached the Pandal the school band started the marching tunes. The school children in six groups, dressed carefully in their school uniforms, marched to the beat of the drum. The Chief Guest took the seat and watched the parade with delight. Immediately after the march past, he hoisted the school flag amidst the sound of crackers, clapping of hands and singing of school anthem.

The Chief Guest then spoke a few words, which were followed by a colourful drill display by little kids. It was so charming to see the little kids jumping, twisting and dancing to the beats of the drums. Their lively steps, enchanting smile and colourful dresses impressed everyone present there.

The drill display was followed by a karate demonstration performed by class V students. Their shouts, twists, chops and jumps evoked applause and cheers from the crowd. The inaugural function came to a close with a Bamboo dance performed by the students of Class VII. After the inaugural function there was a tea party for the Chief Guest and other invitees.

The day’s programme concluded with a fine cultural programme lasting about two hours. The cultural programme commenced with a few words by the Headmaster of the school stating the purpose of the function and inviting every one to relax and enjoy the performances of the children.

Cultural dances, film songs and dances, action-songs and a short comic play made the entire programme lively and thrilling. The programme came to a close with an enchanting action song by the Nursery kids; who evoked lots of laughter and from the audience.

Thus, ended the Parents Day celebration of my school for that year. It was lively, interesting and exciting. Everyone enjoyed it to the full. All departed with a smile on their face and with a big thank you’ on their lips. I am sure everyone went away with sweet and pleasant memories of a day, well planned and enjoyed.