Security and exit of the building to assure

Security Control. All
entrance and exit of the site has a security outpost that will check all
vehicles entering to the site. CCTV cameras and other devices will be install
in public spaces to monitor all public activities specially to the customers
entering the buildings. Security personnel will be designated in every entrance
and exit of the building to assure safety to the user and customer.


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Diagram of the Shopping Mall Third Floor up to Fourth Floor (Typical)








Diagram of the Sutherland Building Ground Floor





Bubble Diagram of the
Sutherland Building Second Floor up to Fourth Floor (Typical)




Diagram of the Recreation Park and Playground













Accessibility. The
proposed development has an easy access to different modes of transportation
like public utility vehicles and private own vehicle because of this it is
easily for the commuters to access the site. Since the site is located in
Diversion road, Ma-a. it is also accessible to other cities. The development is
also accessible for persons with disability.



Control. According to Philippine Green Building Code 2016, section
6. Green building is the practice of adopting measures that promotes resource
management efficiency and site sustainability while minimizing the negative
impact of the buildings on human health and the environment. This practice
complements the conventional building design concern of economy, durability,
serviceability and comfort.

harvesting from the roof and hardscape must be collected and reused for
non-potable purposes such as toilet flushing. The inclusion of green areas or
landscaped areas for indigenous or adaptable species of grass, shrubs and trees
will help in providing more permeable surface of the building development’s
open space and thus allow the re-charging of natural ground water reservoir,
control storm water surface run-off, cool the building surroundings, and
provide indoor to outdoor connectivity for the building occupants.


Safety. The
propose project will be implementing code and rules that specify minimum safety
standards of the buildings. The materials use shall be of good quality and to
satisfy human comfort and safety. Installing fire detector or other devices
that will ensure safety from fire hazard and prevent loss of property or even


Orientation. Proper
orientation is the most important steps in providing a building with passive
thermal and visual comfort. Since the project it is applying passive design
strategies the longest dimension of the building will parallel to west-east to
minimize heat from the sun and maximizing the wind from Northeast Monsoon and
Southwest Monsoon. Some part of the buildings has a direct hit by the sunlight
this will be provided a sunshade device to reduce impact from the sunlight.


Character. The
architectural character of the building will reflect to the function of the
structure which is eco-friendly building. Providing plants and vegetation as a
key element to highlight the aesthetic of a buildings.



Control. The application of green buildings shown that it can
minimize the cost of the project and save money through materials, energy and
water usage and long-term maintenance cost of the building. The propose project
will use materials available in local without losing the quality or using green
materials to reduce potential cost of the project.


Energy Conservation. The
project development will apply methods and techniques that will reduce energy
usage such as utilizing passive cooling strategies like natural ventilation.
Air cooling, and shades can reduce the demand for mechanical cooling while
maintaining thermal comfort. The use of LED for artificial lightning will also
help to reduce energy consumption. Rain water harvesting practices may be use
for laundry and flushing process or it can be used in sprinkler system.


Efficient Location. The
site development is well connected to the other cities like Digos City, Panabo
City, and Tagum City and it is close to major institutions and government
agencies. Also, to transportation nodes such us airport, bus ports, and
seaport. The site project can attract businesses that want easier access to
customers, workers, and residents who want to be able to reach more jobs.



propose development advantages is that this project can adapt in its form and
function to the environmental changes like climate change and weather condition
since it is sustainable design. Using hybrid systems compose of mechanical
devices and passive design strategies will help maintaining the needs of user’s
thermal comfort without using too much energy.


Expansibility. The
site is large enough to accommodate future expansion projects. The future
expansions depend from the demand of the businessmen who want to invest in the