Section observe and floating away. One of the

Section 5 of Death of a Salesman consists of pages
91-110. The part of this section I had analyzed was of Biff and Happy return home after a
late night with girls. Linda is angry with them and She accuses them of
abandoning Willy at the restaurant. Happy denies having abandoned Willy at all,
but Biff admits that it is true and describes himself as
“scum.”(Miller 99). Biff
finds out Willy is exterior fanatically attempting to
plant seeds In the garden despite the obscurity. Willy is
talking with Ben, and notices the $20,000-dollar life protections arrangement his family will be entitled to when he is dead. Ben contends that
the company may not honor the arrangement, but Willy scoffs at this thought,
saying that the company must honor the arrangement since he
has work for them for so long. He includes that Biff will
see how critical he is from the number of individuals at
his memorial service. Ben doesn’t think so and considers they
will see more of him as a quitter and a condemned trick. In
spite of the fact that ben is attempting caution him
off willy keeps denying the thought of it. The scene closes with
ben looking at his observe and floating away.


One of the characters analyzed in this scene is Willy Loman. Willy is
quiet arrogant when he is talking
to ben about his idea in killing himself and hoping his family would get the
twenty-thousand that this action can make amends to Linda for betraying her with the women. Leaving her
financially stable will help ease the guilt that he feels. Ben calls it a
cowardly act and even the insurance company won’t accept it. Willy denies and
says “How can they dare refuse? Didn’t I work like a coolie to meet every
premium on the nose? And now they don’t pay off? Impossible!” (Miller 100).

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Willy is also desperate to an extent that he makes sure his ideological values
won’t let him down again (The American dream). When Ben even brings up how
disappointed Biff would be of him if he goes through with it, willy exclaims”
No, no he mustn’t I won’t have that” (stage direction: he is broken and
desperate) (Miller 101). Willy is likewise desperate to an extent that
he makes sure his ideological values received’t allow him down once more (the American
dream). while Ben even brings up how disappointed Biff might be of him if he is
going thru with it, willy exclaims” No, no he mustn’t I won’t have that” (level
course: he’s damaged and determined) (Miller one zero one). His irrationality
is just like Lear from the Shakespeare play “King Lear” Willy doesn’t
understand that he is making a mistake in dragging his circle of relatives into
believe his model of the American Dream. 
even as Lear doesn’t understand he has made a mistake of banishing his
daughter. both allow their feelings save you them from seeing the fact (Miller

Another main character in
this scene is Ben who makes 3 appearances throughout the duration of the play.

Through the first two appearances ben is seen as no more than a figment of
willy’s imagination, and to provide the viewers a symbol to why Willy was no
unsuccessful during most of his life. However, In the third and final
appearance he has develop so close to willy mentally that has finally become to
willy has trusted Ben to be like his conscience. This is evident near the top
of page 100 “Now look ben, I want you to go through the ins and outs of this
thing with me. I’ve got nobody to talk to” (Miller 100). Ben is there to listen
to willy and provide comments to willy on if he ought to undergo with the
suicide. part of the motive is that Willy see’s ben like his father, a totally
successful businessman. Who like Ben become a terrific position version,
commanding him what to do and imparting a feel of security for him. Ben is
likewise seen as a symbolic individual to willy in terms of achievement, as one
of willy’s lifelong regrets became that he didn’t go with his brother to
Alaska. not like. Willy intercepts Ben’s good fortune as plain proof that his
desires of making it big are sensible.

last person analyzed on this scene is Biff. 
Biff is found out as blunt and caring. he is blunt at some stage in the
heated argument with willy, who exposes willy’s American dream and says how
unrealistic it truly is. His desire is the other from Linda and happy who are
dedicated to keeping Willy’s fantasies in any respect costs. Biff is capable of
see past their shortsightedness due to the fact he realizes that denying truth
is extra risky and highly-priced in the end. consisting of on web page 104
whilst Biff “You are
practically full of it! We all are! And I’m through with it. Now hear this
willy, this is me” (Miller 104). in contrast to willy, biff has the
conclusion and sees that the american Dream would not ought to be about
success, it may be approximately valuing what you have. With this alteration in
individual we can also contribute it to being concerned for is father, although
he expresses aggressively, his excellent hobby is to store his father even as
he nevertheless can from being sucked into the dream. This on web page 105 in
hopes of creating a photo to willy that he believes him and his father are not
special and they’re just everyday humans “Pop! I’m a dime a dozen and so are
you” (degree direction: turning on him in an out of control outburst) (Miller
one zero five) Marking the primary time on this play, biff takes a part of
exposing his father’s impossible expectancies he had set out in front of them
and chooses to accept himself on his very own terms, now not the way Willy
imagines or desires him to be. Biff’s intentions are slimliar to Kent from
“King Lear” even though they have got one of a kind approaches of expressing
it, each Biff and Kent try to make Willy and Lear aware about their blindness
to do the proper component and attempt to save them from utter suffering.

because of their own personal beliefs. King lear’s – Flattery than authentic
love and Willy – the American dream. both still had courage to do what changed
into right even when threatened.

One of the themes present in this play is “The American dream “.  as seen in pages 104-106 According to Biff,
the Lomans have not ever been truthful with one another or themselves. Biff is
tired of fighting and blaming Willy for his own lack of success, saying on page
105” and I never got anywhere because
you blew me so full of hot air, I could never stand taking orders from anybody
that’s whose fault it is “. And despite the fact that willy is listening to
biff testimony, Willy nonetheless retains a belief that Biff and happy are
critical people capable of excellent fulfillment. at the same time as Biff
specializes in Willy’s fake dreams for himself and for his sons, Willy appears
worried most effective with what his sons consider him., whilst Biff takes the
greater realistic view that they’re commonplace human beings incapable of
achieving their unrealistic dreams. not only does Willy fail to obtain the
economic fulfillment promised in his American dream, however as a substitute
that he buys into the dream so fantastically that he ignores the greater
essential matters in his existence around him, such as the affection of his
family, lamentably Willy never sees the real which means of the yank dream,
unless it’s his, and keeps believing in it up till his demise on page one
hundred ten.


There are symbols found in my
scene, diamonds and seeds. The seeds are obvious when he has attempted to shape
along with his very own values have grown to disappoint him, He worked for
forty years and has nothing to expose for it. This results in his obsession
with seeds this past due into the play , whilst he visits Stanley on page
ninety six and says “I don’t have a factor inside the floor!” (Miller
96).   he’s determined to have a few
strong result of a life-time of work. by planting vegetable seeds, the steady
desire for Willy exit and purchase seeds and grow them symbolizes how Willy prospers
to show his well worth as his role as a salesman and a father. by planting
seeds, it symbolizes how Willy is trying to begin a brand new danger at
existence with it also representing his last strand of wish in doing so. The
diamonds characterize the discovery of which made Ben a fortune, signify
Willy’s failure as a salesman. no matter Willy’s perception inside the American
Dream, a notion unwavering to the volume that he passed up the opportunity to
go with Ben to Alaska, the Dream’s promise of financial protection has eluded
Willy and believes if he chases this diamond, he will ultimately get the eye
and respect he so desperately desired from society. As shown on pg 100 when
discussing with Ben “Oh, Ben, that’s the whole beauty of it! I see it like a
diamond, shining in the dark, hard and rough, that I can pick up and touch in
my hand. Not like — like an appointment! This would not be another damned-fool
appointment, Ben, and it changes all the aspects”(Miller 100).  At the end of the play, Ben encourages Willy
to enter the “jungle” finally and get the diamond—that is, to kill himself for
insurance money in order to make his life meaningful.

dramatic shape on this phase of the Play is growing action. The dialogue
between Ben and Willy, helping the Yankee dream, as compared to Biff searching
out Willy to disclaim the dream. The differences in these characters’
ideological views, foreshadows that there might be a primary dispute among the

In summary, Willy is decided to
surrender his lifestyles so his circle of relatives will get $20,000. He
indicates hopefulness thru his responses to Ben. He appears at his brother as
his moral sense with someone he can talk brazenly about. Willy is conceited on
how his plan will work. As Ben realizes that his own family will think about
him coward. Willy’s attention in his a success existence, reasons him to be
irrational. His frustration and belief prevents him from expertise That his
model “American dream” is something that shouldn’t be pursued. The topic of
“American dream” is presented by using Willy’s notion of being nicely liked and
famous will equal fulfillment. moreover, the seeds willy vegetation symbolizes
his ultimate hope in providing something enough, as a father and salesman. at
the same time as the Diamonds, signify his missed opportunities to grow to be
wealthy. This scene is rising movement. whilst we discover approximately
Willy’s haulcation with the seeds and the choice to kill himself to relieve
himself of his guilt. The argument biffs initiates towards his father is fueled
by him finding out his father’s infidelity. Willy’s notion of the suicide plan
with biff’s stubbornness to explicit how he feels about the idea, famous
essential details and information approximately man or woman, issues, symbols,
and dramatic shape.