Sarah- It was the police Sarah had

Sarah- Paris 1941, Sarah Starzynski is a 10-year-old Jewish girl who lives with her younger 4-year-old brother Michel and her parents Wladyslaw Starzynski (Sarah’s father) and Rywka Starzynski (Sarah’s mother) in Paris. She was abruptly awakened one morning when there was a loud pounding at the door. It was the police Sarah had thought they had come to arrest her father, but actually, they were here to arrest the entire family. When Sarah went to go awake her brother and pack their belongings she locked her brother in a secret cupboard to protect him and put the key in her pocket thinking that they would be away only for a few hours. Sarah and her family were taken and held in the VĂ©lodrome d’Hiver, amongst thousands of other Jewish families. After nearly 7 days of being held without food, hardly any water, and nowhere to go to the washroom, Sarah and her family along with thousands of others were evacuated from the dome, and were forced to march to the train station. The long train ride took them to Drancy a Jewish concentration camp, the men were evacuated immediately and sent to Auschwitz never to be seen again. The women and children were shaved and separated the mothers and children sending the mothers to Auschwitz as well.The children remained at Drancy without supervision, and many died in the first few days. At Drancy Sarah meets Rachel and they escaped the camp together with a help of a guard that lived in Sarah’s old neighborhood.The girls walk for days and finally came to a house where Jules and Genevieve Dufaure kindly took them in, when Rachel falls sick and dies from dysentery. Sarah can’t stop thinking of Michel and she leaves to go find him, with the help of the couple they got by the French police and German guards and make it to her old apartment building.When they arrive, they find a new family living in the apartment. Sarah is intent on getting straight to the cupboard, which is now hidden in a young boy’s bedroom. She stops when she gets close and smells the unmistakable odor of death. The couple explains the situation, and the father of the new family quickly opens the cupboard and pulls out the decayed body of Michel. Sarah grew up with the couple that had helped her after they had adopted her, and Sarah later moved to the United States and had a family of her own and later killed herself in a car crash.