REVIEW on its subject. There are emotive


Sully is a motivating story that didn’t need
any additional drama. Sully surprisingly feels like the natural
follow-up and flawless companion piece to Clint Eastwood’s previous organizational
effort. Even with its considerably appropriate apex, Sully makes a strong remark
on its subject.

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There are emotive moments, and there are
frustrating ones, but ultimately if you enjoy the dramatic moodiness that
Eastwood evokes, you too will find enjoyment. This
is a picture that works on multiple levels and proves to be a pleasant,
powerful surprise on every one. Sully is genuine, humble, and most important, a
good honor to a really kind man, those who make you think of the real perception
of bravery and heroism. It’s effortlessly paced and looks glorious, with a scale
and dignity that perfectly fits the subject. The landing itself is marvelously realized,
and made me pleased I won’t be flying anywhere any time shortly.



One of the
most daring feats of aviation in the last few years has been the “Miracle on
the Hudson.” When an airplane strikes multiple birds just after takeoff, it
looses both engines and is stuck on a slow descent towards the ground. With no
other options, pilots Captain Chesley Sullenberger and First Officer Jeffrey
Skiles are forced to land the plane in the Hudson River. They managed to
successfully land the plane on the river, saving all 155 passengers on board.
It is one of the most amazing things the world has ever seen. Now, we have the
official biopic on the event, titled Sully.

This film covers the events
of the landing while also getting into the investigation of what happened
during the landing. As Captain Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) and First Officer
Skiles (Aaron Eckhart) are subjected to a series questions about what they did
and why they did it, they start to question whether or not they are the heroes
people claim they are.

Probably my favorite parts
of the movie were the scenes of the actual event. They were expertly made, very
thrilling, and visually perfect. The event is presented in three ways: from
Sully’s POV, from the passengers’ POV, and from the POV of the people outside
the plane. This gave a look at what everyone was doing when the event happened.
I thought that was very interesting way to take the story.

Apart from the actual
event, the performances from Hanks and Eckhart were great. I thought they did a
fabulous job portraying the actual people. Because of his unique look and voice
I don’t think Tom Hanks is the best choice to portray actual people but he
always has an innate ability of making us love anything he does. I did feel
like the investigation scenes weren’t as engaging as they could have been, but
the event scenes were so thrilling that they made the movie great all together.

In the end, I thought Sully was a wonderful movie. It was
interesting to see all the stuff that happened to these men afterward, even
when they did something so heroic. I didn’t think it was as great as I thought
it could have been, but I still really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to
anyone who wants to know what really happened with the “Miracle of the Hudson.”