Research from the field, I expect to have

Research Methods: This engaged anthropology will be similar to
the 1999 work of Dejmek et al. in Northern Bohemia where a correlation between
particulate pollution and IUGR was determined.1 In Xiditouzhen, I will use
similar methods to examine the connection between IUGR births – those “below
the 10th percentile,” – and the maternal health. 1 This will determine the
effects of the industrial carcinogens on fetal development.1 I will also work to
establish goals for a genuine partnership with the community that balances power
and prioritizes communication. In-depth interviews will be conducted to collect
data on “reproductive history, health, and lifestyle” of Xiditouzhen mothers.1 Additionally, I will use head-to-toe tours to
determine “the breadth of chemicals consumed” by
Xiditouzhen mothers on a daily basis. 3


Conclusion: The main objective of this research is to
compile information about the effects of water pollution on future generations.

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Upon returning from the field, I expect to have data that will demonstrate the
lasting effects of pollution, and encourage culturally relevant education about
environment and health risks. This data will be relevant to organizations like
the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association.