Raster Cards, Magazines etc and created from

Raster to
Vector Conversion Service

Raster to
Vector Conversion or Image Scaling service used to scale the image into any
size or shape without losing the integrity of the image.

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In order to understand
the Vector Conversion you have first understand the difference between a Raster
and a Vector Image. A Raster image is a normal everyday images that we use like
JPG, PNG, TIFF etc for Image Retouching.
This image is made up of pixels or in simpler terms lots of tiny dots and
holes. Due to this reason when zooming into the image it gets blurred or loses
its original look. Thus when converted to a Vector Image the same image will
not look pixelated no matter whichever shape or size stretched or shrunken.
Thus converting the image to the following formats AI, EPS, PDF, AIT etc by
Adobe Illustrator.

There are
many major uses for this services. Here are just a few and major uses for this
service given below:

Vector Logo Design
Vector Logos is mainly used for T-shirts, Visiting Cards, Magazines etc and
created from scratch based on the customers’ requirements.

Vector Line Drawing and Artwork

Vector Drawing provides us the ability to outline an image and make a
sketch of that image so that it can be designed or color filled to make new and
different products especially for clothing.

Product to Vector Design

This allows us to take any product and turn it into a vector design so
that we can modify each element or to show the exact outline of the image.

2D or 3D Vector Conversion

2D conversion is mainly used for different types of products for
manufactures to make the products exactly every time whereas 3D Conversion is
to transform the line drawing into a 3D image to showcase the inside and out of
an image.

Banner Design

A vector image needed for a banner design so that when printed in a high
resolution and big scale the image will not lose its integrity.

Brochure Design, Cards or Leaflet
Designs, etc

In case of brochures it is totally the opposite of banner as the image decreased
in size but will still look the same without getting congested.

Vector Service
is preferred by companies for many different companies for its various uses.
The most important reason would be that a vector image has that clarity and
fine quality kept intact no matter the shape and size we use it in.

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