Professor confidently say that Ganesh is accurate in


Professor M.Poonkodi 
B.E, M.Tech, (Ph.D)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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SRM University

No.1, Jawaharlal
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22nd December,


To Whom It May

I’m delighted to be called upon as a
reference for Ganesh Chandrasekaran, who was one of our finest, most
well-rounded undergraduates. I have known him since 2014, when he enrolled in
my Computer Skills class. Likewise, I taught him Object Oriented Analysis and
Design (OOAD), Network Security and acted as his mentor for Mini Project in the
subsequent year.

Overall, Ganesh is a problem-solver and has excellent
analytical skills. As part of the OOAD class, students were required to analyse
case studies which was an integral part of the course. He obtained in-depth
understanding of the course material and was highly proficient in applying it
in these case studies. He gained extensive knowledge in UML, OOPs concepts &
Requirements workflow. When presenting a seminar on Unified Process, he spoke
fluently with a confident voice elaborating on its phases and had a healthy
discussion with his class mates during the Q session.

With my guidance, Ganesh worked in a team for
his mini project on a crypto system. It demonstrated his ability to form a
detailed understanding on how to securely share data, through encryption using
ciphers, with others in cloud storage. He gave a particularly interesting
discussion on the importance of safeguarding critical data for Business Intelligence
which indicated his functional knowledge and business understanding. From my
association with him I can confidently say that Ganesh is accurate in his
research and has deep interest for scientific work.

He graduated with the fourth highest grade in
his class of forty. His applied knowledge and critical thinking skills combined
with his first-class grades and positive mind-set helped him in impressing
multinational corporations such as Amazon, Cognizant, Infosys and Wipro, all of
whom offered him full-time employment in IT after degree completion.

Ganesh is unquestionably an exceptional
candidate and I am confident that he will be a credit to your program. He has my
highest recommendation for the Master program at your university, where he can
develop and apply his bright talents. Please let me know if I can provide
further detail in support of him.

Yours sincerely,



 M.Poonkodi (Mrs)