Prevalence as oral, topical, rectal. By oral

of musculoskeletal pain are conditions increases with age and affected with
lifestyles such as obesity and causes a long-term pain (Woolf., 2003). Musculoskeletal
symptoms in children, adults are major cause of chronic, acute and affects
their psychosocial status.  The potential
causes of musculoskeletal pain are osteoarthritis, hypermobility syndromes and
malignancy, stress and pain (Bonde., 2005).  Also causes back pain which include arthritis which
erodes the joints (Gale encyclopaedia of nursing., 2013). Pathophysiology of
musculoskeletal pain causes include overuse, prolonged immobilization and trauma
to an area (WebMD.,). Musculoskeletal pain is treated using NSAID drugs such as
Aceclofenac for pain and inflammation in rheumatoid and Celecoxib for osteoarthritis
(BNF., 2013).

The pain can be treated by different route of
administration such as oral, topical, rectal. By oral route is most used route and
is the simplest, and safest means of drug administration. Topical
administration, drugs are applied to the skin for systemic drug delivery and it
can be form of ointments, creams and pastes. 

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