PICA reason to report it to your



       In my
report on Pica, I will explain the causes, common cravings and risks during
pregnancy. Pica is the craving of substance that have no nutritional value.
Most pregnant women that have Pica crave dirt and chalk. Some women also might
crave rose peddle or soap. The word Pica means eating non-food substance.

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      This is not common in pregnant women. The
reason that some women develop pica craving is not known for certain. There is currently
no sure cause for pica.  Women that are
pregnant and    eat
non-food substance can be harmful to baby and mommy. The most important reason
to report it to your health provider is to make sure that you or the baby are not
harmed by the craving of non-food substances.

        It can
interfere with the nutrient absorption of healthy food. Pica in pregnant women
have many different effects depending on the substance ingested. Some of the
most common thing eaten are soil, clay rose peddles.  Pica occurs in women all over the world.                                                                                                                

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   The problem with women having pica they don’t
always let their doctor know they have the craving for non-food items. Pica is
usually temporary in pregnant women. No one know why pregnant women crave these
non-food items. Doctor say that being malnourishment can lead to pica. The
doctor can test for pica.

     The doctors
base the condition on history and several other factors. You should be honest
with your doctor about the non-food items you’ve eaten.  That way they can test your blood to see if
you are low on iron or zinc levels.   When you eat certain nonfood items can
sometimes lead to other serious conditions. Some of the conditions are poisoning,
such as lead poisoning   and parasitic


         The doctor can’t treat you for pica if you
don’t let him know you are craving non-food items. Doctors thinks that pica is
caused by nutrient imbalances, they can prescribe vitamin or mineral
supplement. Pica in pregnant women will often go away in a few months without
treatment. Pica is becoming more and more known in the medical circle, and
chances so you OB-GYN can help you either find ways to curb your craving or
deal with them safely.  It is really
important for women to let the doctor know of the craving to see if they can
help with the pica.

My daughter had pica when she was pregnant with her third child she
craved rose paddles and dirt. She didn’t want to tell her doctor of the craving
she was scared to let him know and when she did he gave her some vitamins. He
told her the flower had bugs on them and she would pass them to her baby if she
ate them. The craving did go away after her fourth month. This was the first
time that I had heard of pica.

  Helen Baeza3

This is really weird that you could what to eat
non-food items. Some people not pregnant crave the same items. It is more
common in people that are not pregnant. They are still trying to find out want
causes pica in people. I found this really interesting and really like it. I
learned a lot of thing I didn’t know about pica.








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