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– Electromagnet


Electromagnetic waves are waves created by cause of vibrations between electric and magnetic fields. Specifically, the electromagnetic wave has both magnetic and electric fields swinging. Electromagnetic waves are used to transfer either short, long or FM radio waves, and the TV, phone, wireless or energy signals. They are also in charge for transmitting energy in the form of microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-ray, and gamma rays.




An electromagnetic wave is found when the electric field meets the magnetic field. It is known as electromagnetic waves. The electrical and magnetic fields of electromagnetic waves at the right angle to the exact angle of each other. It is also straight to the EM wave direction. Electric charge vibration creates electromagnetic waves and this oscillation produces a wave that has both electric and magnetic components. Electromagnetic waves carrying energy through vacuum at speeds of 3.00 x 108 m / s. The transmission of electromagnetic waves through material media take place at net speeds less than 3.00 x 108 m / s. They are not guarded by electric fields, or by magnetic fields. However, they may show bias or divergence. Electromagnetic waves can flow through anything, it can be air, solid or vacuum material. It does not need the medium to propagate or travel from one place to another.  Mechanical waves such as sound waves or water waves, require a medium to move. The EM wave is a ‘transverse’ wave. This means they are measured by the amplitude or altitude and the wavelength which is the area between the highest or lowest point two successive waves. The highest point of the wave is known as ‘peak’, while the lowest point is known as ‘trough’. Electromagnetic waves can be divided into various frequencies. This is known as the electromagnetic spectrum.












What is a destructive area, your rock show and your front gate have in typical?
Each of its use electromagnetic devices that make magnetic fields over
electricity use. Destructive lane uses powerful electromagnet to move pieces of
iron or the whole trains from one place to another place. Your beloved band use
electromagnetic to amplify the sound that appear from its speakers. And when
someone rings your doorbell, a minuscule electromagnet takes out metal lumps opposite
to the bell.


Mechanically, the electromagnet is effortless enough. It has a
conductive wire length, usually copper, encased in a piece of metal. Just like
Frankenstein’s monster, it looks like more than a compilation of relaxed tools
until electricity goes into the picture or art. But you do not have to wait for
a storm or lightning to bring electromagnet to life. The current is brought in,
one or the other from batteries or any electrical origin, and flows through the
wires. This will produce a magnetic field around a coiled wire, magnetizing
metal as if it were a permanent magnet. Electromagnetic is effective because
you can turn on and off the magnet by completing or interrupting the respective




Before we are going further, how electromagnetic is distinct from your
“fixed” magnets, such as those that hold your Popsicle art inside the
refrigerator must be explained. As you know, the magnets have two pillars,
“north” and “south”, and it is draw attention objects made
of iron or some of its mergers. As poles evict and conflictingly drawing
attention. For illustration, if you have two bar magnets with the ends marked
“north” and “south,” the northern tip of one magnet will
pull the other end of the south. On the adverse, the northern tip of one magnet
will confront the other end of the north and, the south will turn aside south.
Electromagnetic is the same way, other than it is temporary or momentary a
magnetic field only occur when the electric current flows.


Doorbell is a good example for showing how electromagnetic can be used
in applications in life where permanent magnets will not make any sense. When
the visitor pushes the button at the front door, the electronic circuit inside
the doorbell closes the electric loop, which means the circuit is finished and
“turned on.” The closed circuit allows the flow of electricity to
flow, constructing a magnetic field and lead to the clapper to become a magnet.
The hardware of most door workshops subsists of metal bells and metal wards
which, when magnetic charges lead them to gather together, you listen the sound
indoors and you can give feedback the door. The bell rings, the guest releases
the button, the open circuit and the doorbell stops from the infernal ring.
This on-demand magnetism is what makes electromagnetic so advantageous.





Microwave ovens work by producing microwaves, this is a kind of electromagnetic wave such as radio waves, infrared or visible light. They are created by a device called magnetron and left from the hole to the right. The components called magnetron generate microwaves from electricity in the microwave. To drive the magnetron, the transformer converts standard household electricity from a wall socket of 120 volts to about 4,000 volts or higher.  


The voltage heats the filaments at the center of
the magnetron that boils off electron. The electrons are whirled around by two
ring magnets. The microwaves will reflect from the two sides of the metal
oven. This creates wave at a specific frequency, typically 2.45 gigahertz.

Microwave wavelengths are tuned to make standing
waves. Here’s where you get two waves, one goes in every direction, it
interacts to make some areas where there is a huge vibration and the other
where there is not.


This means there is a place where the microwave is very fierce, where the molecule will vibrate strongly until it is heated strongly. Others where microwaves are weak. The area is separated by half the wavelength. Therefore, there is a turntable in the microwave, otherwise the portion of your food will mature, and the other will remain crude. 

If you put bread in the microwave, the first butter will melt where the microwave is the most intense, so the distance between it will be half the wavelength.

What Has the Wavelength Got to Do
with The Speed of Light?

Your microwave oven produces a microwave that vibrates at a certain frequency, it is written behind your microwave.The wavelength depends on how fast the vibrating waves or the frequency and how fast they move because they are the kind of light, the speed of light. 

So, this means if the wave has a 100Hz frequency it will wavelength 100 times in one moment. Wave speed is frequency × wavelength.Because the microwave is the kind of light you just measured the speed of light in your kitchen!





Microwave is effective and can cook food speedily, with no heat origin
visible as they straight heat energy into molecules that are microscopic
particles inside the food. Microwave heaters like hot sun heat your face with
radiation. When baking the oven, you can sense the high temperature, and above
the kitchen, you can see the fire emanating from the surface. When you turn on
the microwave, it produces a radiation wave that penetrates your food, breaks
down water molecules and makes them fur with energy.


Microwave ovens are a category of electromagnetic radiation, like radio waves, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma rays. Microwave has a broad area of utilization, including connection or communication, radar, or sonar and, probably most famous by most people, cooking. Electromagnetic radiation is broadcast in waves or particles at distinct intuition and frequencies. It is an unseen electric and magnetic arrangement that enter the air with 300,000 km of light or 186,000 miles per second. Although radio waves can be very lengthy with a few kilometers or kilometers between waves and outside limit, they can also be miniature, microwaves are the shortest radio waves and microwaves that cook foodstuff in your oven just 12 cm, about 5 inches long.


Despite its small size, microwave ovens bring a lot of energy. A microwave disadvantage is that they able destruct living cells and tissues. Microwave radiation can heat the body tissues in the alike it warms up food. Disclosure to significant levels of microwave can cause hurtful fiery. Two areas of the body, eyes, and testes, are very susceptible to radio recurrence heating because there is limited blood flow in them to bear exuberance heat. In addition, lenses are intensely sensitive to heat and exposure to high elevation levels can cause cataracts. Blaze and cataracts can only be caused by disclosure to many microwave emissions. Therefore, the microwave oven is ringed by a strong metal box that does not grant the waves to getaway. In normal operation, the microwave oven is safe. Even so, microwave ovens can be very treacherous, so do not waste yourself in the microwave.



This is the way how electricity change into heat.

1. First thing is metal box which is located inside the microwave. This metal
box function as generator called magnetron. When we turn the plug on, magnetron
take power from electricity and converts into high power about 12cm (4.7) radio

2. The magnetron spread the wave into the food compartment which is called wave

3. Food can cook evenly because it placed on turntable and spinning slowly.

4. Just like a mirror, the wave in a wave guide can bounce back surrounding.
However, when the wave straight to the food, it can penetrate inside the food
just like radio wave can pass to the wall of your house. So, this is why food
can cook evenly because the molecules inside the food vibrates quickly.

5. The faster molecules vibrate, the hotter the food become. This is how
microwave transfer their energy into the food by using molecules.

– Role of microwave

– One of the role of microwave is it can reheat the food until the food become
warm without soggy. It just took only a second and it can turn the food like
original form. This is a reason why microwave is very popular to use, not only
in a kitchen, it used widely in a bakery or another food joints. If food is
less, it just took one into two minutes only, if more quantity, it can took
about ten to fifteen minutes.

– One of the main function that can applied to microwave is defrosting. Defrosting
is a thawing the food before cooking it. But in microwave, we can defrost our
food just in a minute for example meat and vegetables.  By using this function, we also can retain
the food in original form and nutrients and also can avoid wastage of water by
washing it, draining, and time.

Boiling and steaming
– We can boiling and steaming the food either using stove or microwave. But the
different is, microwave boiling the food evenly, while stove not. Any other
foods or vegetables, we can be boiling or steaming according how long the time
we set up and to make sure the nutrients still retain in the foods. Based on
experiment vision, scientist do more prefer to use microwave than stove to boil
or steam your food


There have a lot of things that
we can found in physics. The example is electromagnetic radiation. Some called
it EM, either is EMR. EMR is a wave of photon that carrying electromagnetic
radian energy through space over time. Its include radio waves, microwaves,
infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays.

In EMR, there have a good side and bad side that we can list from EMR. The bad
side is EMR can affect our healthy and our body based on radiation emits either
in electric, magnetic, wireless/RF/microwave/WiFi or ionizing. These technology
influences our healthy based on how far we are living and how frequent we use
in these technology.

However, there also have many types of good things in EMR such as telephone,
navigation, radio, television, medical scanner, Wi-Fi and the things what we
discussed in the topic is cooking & heat which is microwave oven. Microwave
oven is widely used in the world either in the kitchen, stall, market or food
court. This is because microwave oven can save time, easy to heat food, easy to
clean, no need to keep a watch, retains nutrients and vitamins in the food.



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