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People will ask “why is philosophy of science important?’ and “why is it worth understanding and thinking about?”.  Here some reasons why philosophy is to be worth to learn especially for acamedical purposes.  According to Rosenberg in Caswili(2014), ” Philosophy deals with two sets of questions: First, the questions that science – physical, biological, social, behavioral –. Second, the questions about why the sciences cannot answer the ?rst lot of questions”. From his statement, the two concept of philosophy which is usually used are what and how. The questions will come up from philosophy view toward science are what is science and how science made up and developed. Those are the basis for scientific discussion and commonly science is answered by philosophy and other is by philosophy of science. Before discussing about philosophy further, we need to know the basic concept of it. The word philosophy derives from tow Greek words, philia, love or friendship, and Sophia, wisdom. So, philosophy, etymologically speaking means “love of wisdom.” (Earle,1992:1). From learning philosophy, people are expected to be wise toward everything in their daily life.  To be philosopher, accordingly involves striving after wisdom. Second, wisdom, is used inclusively to cover continued intellectual inquiry in any area, the understanding and practice of morality, and the development of such enlightened opinions and attitudes as lead to a life of happiness and contentment (Earle,1991:2)Philosophy is conceptual, rather than a factual, discipline. A fact is a truth about the world established through observation. There are everyday facts, historical facts, and scientific facts, but the crucial things to remember about facts of every kind are that they are must be true and they must established by observation. (Earle,1991:3-4) In philosophy,  How about philosophy of science itself? Philosophy of science is defined in terms of the key question: what explain extraordinary success of science. It provides intellectually satisfying explanations of a broad range of natural phenomena. Actually, the word science, unqualified, usually refers to the natural sciences. However, there are also human or social sciences, such as psychology, sociology (Earle,1991:15). In this case, since the major of study is English education program, the aspect that will be discussed furtherly about social science, linguistics and pedagogy. Those things derived from formal and object material in philosophy of science. However, from discussion above, the simplest answer for Philosophy of science, like philosophy in general, is a discipline that tries to expose the underlying presuppositions that structure important practices and institutions of life. It subjects the structures of life and thought to critical.