People daughters were named “Lynda Bird”, and “Luci

People often referred to me as “LBJ”, my initials. I crushed my poor opponent-Goldwater-in the election of 1964, earning the nickname “Landslide Lyndon”. Troublemaker was one defining feature of me as well as a poor impoverished cowboy. “Our institutions cannot be interrupted by an assassin’s bullet.” A quote I made after being sworn in by the first lady. Previously, Kennedy had been assassinated. By this, I mean we musn’t be consumed in problems concerning an assassination. I was born on August 27, 1908, in Stonewall, Texas. My family’s roots originated here. They were one of the first groups of settlers in Texas. My mom and dad-Sam and Rebekah-were poor, which ignited me to not make some not so good decisions, and I even got arrested. Academics were never my strong suit either. But, nevertheless, I believed I would be president at the age of 12, and told my classmates that this would occur. My wife was named “Lady Bird”, and my two daughters were named “Lynda Bird”, and “Luci Baines”. I attended Southwest Texas State Teachers College, where I learned to become a teacher. I also attended Georgetown Law School. Anyways, the military wasn’t my thing, so, I did not join it. I was the vice president for John F. Kennedy. A congressional secretary for which I served. I was not only a U.S. representative, but also a senator from Texas. Civil rights was something I believed in heavily. Lastly, to continue the tradition in my family of living on a farm, I was a cowboy/rancher. I became POTUS-President of the United States-at age 55 in 1963, after Kennedy was assassinated. I was actually the first president to be sworn in by a woman, and the first to ride in an armored vehicle to my inauguration. So why did Kennedy choose me for vice president? The reason is because he was a democrat, which made sense that he picked me, also a democrat. I worked with Hubert H. Humphrey, who was my vice president, and numerous secretaries of state who were Deak Rusk, C. Douglas Dillon, Henry H. Fowler, and Joseph W. Barr. Additionally, I was the first president to wear a business suit to my inauguration. Great were some of my accomplishments, which consisted of the Vietnam war, Kennedy, the Soviets, and bills plus civil rights. In the Vietnam war, I was probably too involved in it, but I believed if we were in their shoes, and needed help, that someone would do the same for us. The Vietnam war was also hard because Guerilla Warfare-Hit and run- tactics did not work out very well. The North Vietnamese used the trees, or dressed like normal citizens to win the fight against us. I also did a lot to continue Kennedy’s work, such as finishing some papers he had started. One thing I did that was always overlooked, was dealing with the Soviets. Queued were their nuclear bombs, and so were ours. Earth could have been decimated at any given second. Finally, I had a tax cut, and a Civil rights bill to further have equal rights and to end the war on poverty. 1968 was the year I decided against running again because I was in poor shape. I died January 22, 1973 of a vicious heart attack. My family knows we cannot be stopped by an assassination. Just feet from where I passed was the same place I was born. My burial was near Johnson City, Texas. Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library was named after me. This library shows the facts about me and things you didn’t know. Not one bad document is absent from being present. You can visit my library if you go to Austin, Texas. LBJ School of Public Affairs was one to check out, too. Dakota, south, was a life-size statue of me. If you ever go to Stonewall, Texas, check out my state park. People would most remember me for my role in the Vietnam war. My programs kept many  Americans from being impoverished. I also had advanced the Kennedy legacy, getting farther than he would likely have gotten. I also dealt with the Soviets, who, at any moment could have touched the big red button to deploy the H-bomb to obliterate the whole earth! However, I ended up as one of the most least famous presidents, which came as a surprise especially since I did accomplish quite a bit. Some things I accomplished were getting a lot of work done-tax cuts, civil rights movements- and I also picked up where Kennedy had left off at, continuing his legacy.