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Pawel Lucaszewski is a choral composer from Poland. He was born on September 19, 1968 in the town Czestochowa. His dad and his brother are both composers. Wojciech Lucaszewski, his father was a composer, and his brother Marcin Lucaszewski is a composer. He has written 31 choral pieces such as “Ava Maria” in 1992 and “Two Motets for Christmas” in 2000. His pieces have been performed in almost all of Europe like Denmark, Poland,, France, and Luxembourg. His pieces have been performed in other countries like the United States of America, China, Chile and South Korea. He is currently an active director of Musica Sacra Cathedral Choir in Warsaw. He has been awarded for his musical output by the President of Czestochowa, and he has won many other prizes.  His works have been recorded on about 50 cd’s as well. My first piece I chose to do is called “Ava Maria”. Ava Maria is an a Capella piece and it is a cool sounding song with some pretty cool high notes in the beginning. This piece is one of the few that I could actually pronounce so I chose it. It makes me think about a higher place like Heaven because of the slowness of the song and the high notes. The piece was written for SATB. It is a slower song but it’s a happy song I would say. Ava Maria is a short three minutes which is another reason I like it. The song was written in Latin and Ava Maria means Hail Mary. Ava Maria is also a pretty old song it was made back in 1992. Another piece from Pawel Lucaszewski is Responsoria Tenebrae. Responsoria Tenebrae is a fairly new piece written in 2010 and is written for SATB in a Capella. He composed this song in memory of Salzman. It is a nineteen minute song so I would enjoy singing this song much, but it does sound very cool from the recording I listened too. Responsoria Tenebrae is another slow song, but it is very majestic and smooth. This songs recording is sung by The Kings Singers. My third Piece of choral music from the composer Pawel Lucszewski is Daylight Declines. This piece was inspired by Motet. It is arranged for SATB and is a Capella. It is a four minute long piece. The recording is another slow piece and is a little bit more sad but that’s alright. I liked the piece because I could pronounce this one but it had some pretty smooth sounds. All in all Pawel Lucaszewski is one of the most well known Composers and directors in Europe mostly Poland. He has been introduced in Britain with very high regard and in Chile at a Private college. All three of the pieces were pretty slow and smooth and majestic and sounded really cool for their speed.