Panera good after I have eaten there. Their

Panera Bread is
one of my favorite restaurants to eat at during the week.  The food is delicious and I actually feel
good after I have eaten there.  Their
most recent advertising campaign is the message of “100% of our food is a 100%
clean”.  The company has been trying to
clean up their menu after they declared in 2014 that they would eliminate
artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and colors from all their food by
the end of 2016.  Panera met that
deadline and has now rolled out the 100% campaign.  The new campaign targets people who are
looking to eat less processed, artificial ingredients and who want to eat what
they consider to be healthy food (Wohl, 2017).

How Panera Uses
the Facets Model of Effects

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Panera uses the Facets
Model of Effects to engage their customers in the 100% advertising
campaign.  This model focuses on what the
consumers see/hear, feel, think/understand, connect with, believe, and act/do (Gallucci,
2013).  Panera used the perception strategy by starting off with
an unpleasant site of “mystery meat.”  It
shows some sort of pink meat being stirred around and then processed through a
machine.  It definitely grabbed my
attention and made me feel sick to my stomach. 
I immediately remembered the smell of raw hamburger meat when I saw that
image.  Panera Bread used the emotion strategy by targeting people who
want real food and not unhealthy fast food. 
The line, “when did WE become okay with mystery meat” is one that really
stuck with me.  It kind of made me angry
because it made me think when DID we become okay with it?  Why have the people not risen and demanded
our food distributors, restaurants, and grocery stores to be transparent about what
exactly is in our food.  They are
appealing to an audience who is sick of being lied to about the ingredients in
their food.  Panera used the cognition strategy by educating
consumers on exactly how mystery meat is created and processed.  They draw us in by showing us how artificial
colors are made in test tubes in a lab. 
Flashes of real strawberry and tomato soup keep us engaged and makes us
remember how those food items should really taste. 

Facets Model of
Effects Continued

The company used
the association strategy as well by
targeting consumers who are tired of buying food that has so many additives and
preservatives in them and just want to eat clean, healthy food.  Panera is tying this campaign in with their “food
as it should be” campaign that they started in 2015.  This campaign was all about them using simpler,
cleaner, and real ingredients in their food. 
Panera used the persuasion
strategy by letting consumers know that they do not know what they are
always eating.  They really connect with
their customers by repeating their mission statement of “we believe 100% of
everyone should be able to enjoy clean, delicious food.”  They know that is what all consumers want and
need is real, clean and delicious food that is not made in a lab.  Finally, the company used the behavior strategy by directly
interacting with consumers by allowing them to sample new items in the
restaurant and share their posts on social media if they wished to (Wohl, 2017).  This was a terrific way to get the word out to
consumers about how they have changed their food and that they fulfilled their
pledge of offering 100% clean food. 


Panera Bread’s advertising campaign is one that is
capitalizing on the new health food trend that is has been extremely popular
over the last five years.  Although I do
love eating at Panera, I feel like their 100% advertising campaign is a little
deceptive to the consumers.  According to
Fitness Magazine, eating clean is about eating whole foods or “real” foods that
are minimally processed, refined, and/or handled.  It is about making the food as natural as
possible (Voo, 2015).  This means that
Panera would have to remove everything from salt, sugar, and preservatives that
keep food from spoiling too quickly. 
They still offer sandwich meat such as turkey, ham, and roast beef as
well as all sorts of sliced cheeses.  All
those items are heavily processed so I do not know who they think they are
fooling with the 100% clean campaign.