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Mulan offers a new resume of Disney princess, as Mulan is set in a different culture than most of the other princesses, This film was “Based on a legend from medieval china, mulan (1998) is the story of a girl who is fed up with her family’s traditional expectations for young woman”29 taking her far away from the American culture. She goes beyond her gender role, therefore, is seen as one of the manliest characters during the second generation of princess, this has shown the longing of wanting change. One of the writes of the film said “I hope that maybe this will help some young women to realize that there a lot they can do. They can move beyond structures that still seem a little intimidating to them.” Robert Sam Souci

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She has a slightly different take on the normal princess role and is one of the most independent princess characters. Mulan unsuccessful fails to be what society wants her to be, throughout the film, this is shown with the first opening line, when Mulan says  “Quiet and demure, graceful, polite, delicate.” Throughout this film, we see a struggle of identity between who she is and what is expected from her, for example in the song “I’ll make a man out of you” challenging her the role within the film. Promoting the message that girls can do what boys can do.

On the other hand thought the film it is shown that being masculine is not always a good trate to have for example”while the traditionally masculine traits increased for these princess characters, it was not necessarily presented as a positive characteristic of the princesses.”24 we can see this when mulan is shown being punished when discoved being disguised as a man. Being disguised allowed her to be excepted in the men commuity. This is seen when “who proves that when it comes to war she can perform as well as any male”22 But when discovered the men turn their back on her, as she is seen as the disappointment “you are a disgrace! you make look like a bride, but you will never bring your family honor”. this shows how women ……

You can see the American point of interest change as this film is based on war and not only about a love story. Suggesting that gender had nothing to do with her ability to be a powerful warrior. For example “mulan is presented as a bold female warrior who challenges traditional gender stereotypes of young woman”22
Mulan is the only character that is seen as a princess even though she is not a member of the royal family teaching girls the power of bravery and strength. For instance “wearing of a princess outfit was no longer about playing bride but about being successful and status” John Wills (Disney Culture)

The theme that runs in this film is war, the battle for acceptance and identity. War is symbolical as there are two wars going on during the film like for instance, the first one is a mental war between who she is and her trying to  discovering herself, the second war is to save the country and bring her family honour. 

“mulan initial inability to act in a properly gendered way informs the exposition of her story and empowers her voice as a force for change against gender-based discrimination.”30

Like the first generation of princess, Mulan  reverts to having some sort of romance. Still having the idea of finding a man is a happy ending. “mulan is still just a girl in search of a man, and as in so many other Disney animated films. Milan becomes an exorcized version of the all American girl who manages to catch the most handsome boy on the block”22 mulan is in a constact battle to  be taken seriously but when being respected “instead of remaining in the military, in the position she has won for herself, she gives up military life”23