Over and and another 13% is nuclearpower but

Over 65% of our power comes from fossil fuels like coal and oil and and another 13% is nuclearpower but very little down to lower than 1% and as high as the 7% mark, are the renewable power plants. Geothermal power is about around the 3% mark. That is how low geothermal power is on the how much its used scale! So you need to know what it can do! The  cause of geothermal energy is the decaying of nuclear particles that increases temperatures and causes the spawn of geysers heated springs underground and the other cause is the heated rock just outside the mantle and the water touches those and heats up to past the boiling point. The temperature required for the conversion from water to energy is the boiling point and up so it can be extremely dangerous to touch the heated water tank because you could get blisters if you touch them i touched something not remotely close to that and got a blister on my finger. But the temp requirement can be different depending a on the power plant the binary plant needs a temp of 212 degrees and 359 degrees, and the flash steam needs a temp of 360 degrees and above. The underwater heated springs are the primary sources for geothermal energy rarely are there above ground springs and if there is it is usually a national park like yellowstone park. And they send a pipe down to the underground spring because it doesn’t cause any damage to the surface when it comes to the look of the land. In ancient times above ground springs were usually the reasons they settled down in that specific area, for bathing and fresh heated water to cook or wash clothes. Or have a nice warm bath. (if water was hot enough) so we would not have the cities we have without geothermal springsGeothermal energy is renewable because it can just be sent back down to the depths to heat up again and that process can go on a long time, and the process only gives off steam that doesn’t hurt the atmosphere as much as CO2, and methane, and at one point it will condense to dew (water) overnight. The types of geothermal plants are binary and flash steam, binary there is a heat transfer unit and 2 types of water! The binary power plant system is where the water temp can be as low as the boiling point and as high as 360 degrees for the system to work. It works by sending the underground water to a heat transfer which transfers to a continued water source for the power plant and that all steams up the turn a turbine that can produce energy and the water that went through the heat transfer gets sent back down to the depths to get reheated and it goes on and on. Binary power plants need 360 degrees  through 212 degrees. Flash steam plants need a low of 361 degrees and up for the power plant to work. It sends heated water up to steam and turn a turbine that turns a generator that produces electricity. The heated water that doesn’t steam gets sended back down to the heated rock near the mantle with the cooled water, And that goes on and on!You should care about geothermal energy because of the affect fossil fuels have on our atmosphere but the renewable power resources are clean. If we use them more and more we could have a cleaner future, and renewable power such as geothermal energy, wind power, hydro power, etc. those power sources can save our future!