Over doesn’t matter that I can still smell

Over the course of the last several years,
I have experienced many different relaxation techniques. I have done
Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Breathing Exercises and Autogenic Training and
one memorable Yoga session, that inspired me to do Yoga at home following a You
Tube series for big women, which has unfortunately since been taken down.

What I love about Yoga is that it achieves
a multitude of goals in one simple session.

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Centering and Grounding are both important
aspects of Yoga, which are achieved through different, yet still combined
techniques. Let us look at Centering first. Centering is an internal process
that we are also taught here at The Magical Circle School before all our
meditations, when we are instructed to take three deep breaths. Breathing is a
central aspect of Yoga, because it centers us above our navel, the part of the
belly where those deep breaths are taking place. This is the center of our
body, the solar plexus and the basis of our strength. I found the best
comparison on the website from Yoga by Candace, where she compares the
centering to the warm up before a workout. We are setting a specific time aside
to move from the outside world to the inside world and we do this with the help
of our breath. By focusing on how we breath we let go of the outside world, we
are concentrating on our innermost. Some use the breathing to give the workout
a special intention, personally, I use the breathing to quiet my mind and
become aware of my own energies. With the help of deep breathing, I focus on
myself, on being in the here and now. The last breath isn’t important, and
neither is the next one, what is important is getting this one right, taking this
breath deep into my belly with a slow in- and exhale. It doesn’t matter what I
am going to have for lunch, or which bills still need to be paid, it doesn’t
matter that I can still smell the coffee of my husband or that I can hear my
cat munching on her kibbles. Everything falls away and we are centered. This
segues smoothly into the Grounding aspect.

Grounding in Yoga can be achieved through a
variety of Yoga Poses, among them the Child’s Pose, the Easy Pose, Mountain
Pose and Warrior II Pose. What those have in common is that their focus is on
connecting with the Earth below us. This is at the core of the grounding in
Yoga. We are shifting our focus from our mind, which is at the top and upwards,
to our feet and their connection to the earth below, so downwards. We focus on
the feeling of our feet connecting with the ground. I am a person who has
trouble with concentrating on one aspect and I am always pondering stuff.
Often, I start working on an assignment, then I have a stray thought and pick
up a second book for a completely different assignment and sometimes I then
abandon the two previous ones to work on a completely unrelated project, I am
scatterbrained. Grounding in Yoga forces me to stop the thinking and
concentrate on feeling. I only do Yoga barefoot, because even if I do it
inside, I can feel the ground through the soles of my feet. I can feel the
exact moment, when my mind turns off and my weight settles on my feet, when
this connection is established, I naturally breath deeply once, combining the
grounding and centering. Grounding can be achieved by either an actual physical
connection to the ground or by visualization. When we are centering ourselves,
we can sit on the ground in lotus or simply cross-legged and either fold our
hands together or rest them on our knees. Going from there into an Easy Pose is
so easy and beautiful and entirely effortless. You are already sitting on your
sit bones, now you just make sure you are evenly distributing your weight, be
strong in your pose and your weight settled in your posterior. A hand to your
heart and another hand touching the ground beside you. This is a connection
that you can feel with your behind and your hand. Personally, I favor the
visualization method. You can do this either sitting or standing and you
visualize roots growing from the body part that touches the ground, visualize
them growing down into the earth. If you are inside, continue letting them
grow, through the ground beneath you until you reach the Earth and you can take
roots and anchor yourself there. To me those techniques are transferable, and I
use them a lot even when I am not doing Yoga. Sometimes, I just take a moment
to check on my breathing and then connect with my roots. This goes faster the
more often you do it.