Over that was there before the walkway

Over billions of people have walked on the Walkway over the Hudson. This bridge has given many people happy memories. The Walkway over the Hudson opened in October 3, 2009. It is a steel cantilever bridge spanning the Hudson River between Poughkeepsie, New York on the east bank and Highland, New York on the west bank. The Walkways concrete deck is comprised of 973 prefabricated panels, each weighing up to 15 tons. A round trip to walk the Hudson Bridge is 1.5 hours. The width and height of the bridge is 35 feet and 221 feet. The total length of the Walkway is 6,768 feet. Many people don’t know this but the bridge that was there before the walkway had burned down. Everyone thought it was an eyesore, or a piece of floating junk. But Bill Sepe had a different thought. He believed that he could change everyone’s mind about the bridge. So the organization of the Walkway over the Hudson forged an public-private partnership involving the state of New York, to rebuild the bridge. It took 16 months and $38.8 million to build the bridge.Many people worked long hours with dedication to complete the bridge so families could take trips with their children, or dogs could have a nice workout. The bridge also has a beautiful view of the Hudson River. When people do see the bridge they would describe it as a 19 century railroad bridge transformed into the world’s longest elevated pedestrian park. Or that it’s an amazing outdoor experience. The Walkway over the Hudson also is a good place to take students on a field trip to relax their minds. Dogs were also allowed on the bridged, but you have to pick up after it. This bridge is clearly for walkers, joggers, skaters, and bicyclists who drink in the view. This bridge also includes restrooms available at each end of the bridge. Benches and shaded areas are on the bridge so you could take a break if you were tired. There are also vendors, so if your thirsty or hungry you wouldn’t have to worry. The Walkway over the Hudson has changed from nothing to a breathtaking bridge. It has also changed other lives, whether you were building it, or walking it now. The bridge has served as a educational resource on bridge engineering and construction. The bridge is always free, and they do accept donations so the park can continue to run smoothly. The Walkway over the Hudson is opened from dawn to dusk , year around. The Walkway over the Hudson has a beautiful landscape, but their also amazing places where you can go after your walk on the bridge.The Mid-Hudson Museum allow many children minds to explore the history of the Hudson Valley. The Museum also empathizes your brain to solve problems.After walking on the bridge with your friends you can also go to the Val-Kill cottage if you guys love history. The cottage shows a very interesting glimpse into the life of Eleanor Roosevelt after she left the White House.There are also libraries near the bridge. If your friends are having a rough day, take them there to escape. The Adriance Library is a lovely mix of old and new architecture. The library has a large number of books and their staff are very knowledgeable, efficient, and very friendly. Art has changed the way many people see things. The Art Centro is a sweet spirited community. The art that people make in there is intense and bold. It allowed people to express themselves in a unique and creative way.The Adams Fairacre Farms contain a variety of fresh food. So after walking on the bridge and your in a mood to cook, theres a farm near you. The staff are professional and helpful and easy to get to know.