OTTAWA, you updated on her career. Her skates

OTTAWA, ONTARIO- At only 19 years oldBarbara Ann Scott wins ice! Barbara Ann Scott is   the first to win the Olympic women’s figure skating gold medal , at St. Moritz yesterday. She is definitely such a killer diller! “Barbara Ann set very high standards for many    female skaters.” said the big cheese Skate Canada   president Jerome Brown in a statement. “The discipline and focus that she strived  for in    her    career  is the foundation of  her success.” She definitely is the cat’s meow of the month. Prime Minister Mackenzie King praised her for providing Canadians with “courage to get through  the darkness of the post-war gloom.” Her beauty, grace and spiffy is  truly  to be admired. In Ottawa, she was presented with a  yellow convertible with the license plate 47 U 1.  But to avoid the risk of losing her   amateur status, she  returned  the car, ensuring her Olympic eligibility. At age 9, she had begun a  daily 7-hour training  routine;  a year later, she became  the youngest  Canadian  to earn    a gold medal for  figures.  Her performance    rose above the    gold  medal performance  by the Ottawa  RCAF  Flyers   hockey team. after her   victory, two forwards  from the hockey team  hoisted    Canada’s  Sweetheart on their shoulders. Barbara Ann  comes  home   a  hero.  Barbara Ann Scott of Ottawa, Ontario.  All  eyes were on Scott as she  practised    ahead of  the 1948 Winter Olympics. She had fans flipping their wigs. The    Reliable Toy Company  just issued a Barbara Ann  Scott collectible priced at   $5.95  and available in a  number of outfits, all with  little  white skates. This is a     perfect gift  for anyone you know  who looks    up    to   this  Canadian sweetheart! ” Check in weekly   to The Observer as we will keep  you updated on her career. Her skates are the only stompers she has to impress us with! Barbara will definitely continue to be a humdinger.