Online the student in a classroom (Lawrence, 2010).

Online learning is a form of education that does not require the physical presence of the student in a classroom (Lawrence, 2010). Students who work fulltime or committed in different ways can be able to benefit from this form of learning since the studies and tests and rankings are all provided online. It is a form of study that helps involve students from all angles of life in their own comfort zones.

            Online classes can be a wonderful means to achieving specific goals. However, this does not mean that it is easier or an escape route for those wanting to take advantage. There are different specific ways on how to succeed in online courses. One of the methods is by understanding the technical requirements of the course. Since the course is solely based online, it is important to note whether your computer is compatible to all the tools the course needs in order to reduce time wastage once the course is in session (Kent, 2017). It is always wise to hit the ground running. Another manner by which to succeed in online learning is by connecting with the instructors early enough. This saves time when it comes to corrections that require the student’s attention. Most students find this irrelevant since it is not a necessity outlined by the course but it comes to be painful later when the instructor finds numerous mistakes in the student’s work like the writing format of assignments. Contacting the instructor early enough keeps the student in check whenever mistakes are detected. Also, dedicating time and creating a schedule for the course is important. Remember, at the end of it all, its still learning. To succeed, it is important to find ways to dedicate yourself into becoming the best at the course. There is no short cut for hard work. We all know that and it also applies to the case of online courses. It is also important to stay organized in online courses. Assignment dates and schedules should be properly written down and followed. This contributes so much to the success of the student.

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            This type of learning is efficient for those that are busy or committed to other activities but at the same time want to learn particular topics. One of these types of people is the ones that are conscious about time management. These courses call for excellent time management, which means proper class timings, proper hand-ins for assignments on or before deadlines and proper follow-up of assessment schedules. Also, those people who are looking to explore and learn more and not out looking for shortcuts can benefit from this type of learning. It is very important to take online learning as serious as any other type of learning. Actually, it demands as much as any traditional form of learning. Therefore those looking to learn more should be able to fair well in online learning. It is also important to note that not all online degrees are equal. Some companies hire on the criteria of credentials and the reputation of the institution where the course was learned. Online courses are not, in any way same as traditional learning methods. This may be a factor to consider while participating in an online course.

            There are those other people who might not find online courses convenient in their case. Some people, especially those who cannot manage themselves with freedom on their hands, might find online studying very difficult. Too much of everything sure is not healthy. Sometimes, if the freedom is too much, these kinds of people might not be able to perform as they should. Also, time management plays a large factor in succeeding in online courses. Some people find it difficult to manage themselves day in day out. It is not recommended that these people take online courses. Instructors may not follow students around every time in this kind of learning. It is up to the student to harvest self-discipline to achieve goals set. If a

student cannot be able to perform this, then online courses should not be an option for them.