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of stocks. The Forex market is also a 24 hour market that rarely closes, meaning that trading goes on continuously. Forex trading can be considered more accessible to the hobbyist investor because the system itself is relatively simple, and because it’s easy to start trading Forex with a small initial investment. That doesn’t mean that the market strategies are simple, however, just that the actual trading platforms and the philosophy behind the market are easier to understand. As in all high risk investments, more investors will lose money than will gain a profit. Automated Forex trading is a subcategory of Forex trading that has gained a lot of criticism. With this type of trading, the trader uses a computer program that automatically trades for them. The computer decides when to initiate these trades based on historical data, and some of these programs have shown remarkable results. However, most people will already have realized the big problem: historical data cannot predict future market results. This means that some programs will perform remarkably well for a few months and then suddenly tank. There are many online Forex trading seminars and tutorials to teach anyone the basics of Forex trading. Research and consistency is critical to succeeding in the Forex industry, so many Forex brokers offer demo accounts where new traders can practice with fake dollars. This can be a great way to practice new strategies and learn about the way the market works. Other Forex experts offer trading signals, which are alerts that tell you what trades to place and when. These signals can be valuable, if you have enough of a foundation of knowledge to understand them. low spreads, because these spreads can actually make or break trades in many strategies. It’s also important to get a broker that offers an intuitive trading platform, because your trading platform will become your most valuable tool and best friend. A clunky or unresponsive trading platform can lead to death, especially for those with strategies that involve very fast trades. Forex is a unique and fascinating market, but it is not a money making or get rich quick scheme. It is a huge, international market that needs to be respected and understood before it can yield any positive results.