neighbourhoods. importing drugs for the purpose of eugenics

In a related biological and psychological positivism discussion on
this topic,  White & al. (2013), claim
that there are assumptions of “false positives – bringing under suspicion
people who are innocent simply because they match certain personality traits or
live in a certain area” (White & al., 2013: 63).  This idea serves
to further stigmatize and even criminalize black communities by association. As
proclaimed in Furious’ speech, the
role of the upper class in promoting crime is ignored.  For example, the fact that they were opening
gun stores, liquor stores, and importing drugs for the purpose of eugenics is downplayed.

            Moreover, Tre and Ricky’s encounter
with the police officer after their confrontation with the rival gang (Crenshaw
Mafia) further reinforces the negative labels that are attached to them. Despite
their minimal involvement with the incident they are immediately targeted and
accused.  The African American police
officer argued that, “all you young black guys think you’re so tough… you’re
probably one of those Crenshaw boys” (Singleton, 1991).  This officer assumed
that these young men were deviant because of their association with a labeled
group and the violent circumstance in which they were involved.  Williams and McShane would hypothesize that this officer’s reaction “serves
to separate those acts that are deviant from those that are not, even though
they may appear as identical behaviours” (Williams & McShane, 2018: 95).  After the incident, Tre and Ricky have a
profound discussion and admit that they want to eliminate the labels and
negative stigmas; they even plan on opening a business with the hope of moving
up the social hierarchy.  This also demonstrates their hope of reaching
the expectations required in the middle class standards. 

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Concluding Thoughts

            Overall, I believe that the film Boyz N the Hood, is a great
representation of a variety of theories that were discussed throughout the
semester.  In contemporary North American
nations, particularly in the United-States, the issue of deviance and
criminality continues to be predominant in the lower class suburban
communities, and considered to be the cause of modern day crime.  However, many do not consider the role of the
white-collar group in crime, as many media outlets and law enforcers place a
greater emphasis  on the marginalized,
‘outsiders’, or various ethnic groups.  Consequently,
the inability to meet the expectations or the ‘measuring rod’ of the middle to
upper classes often cause a significant amount of strain and frustration within
these communities. Feeling hopeless and powerless leads them to become involved
in what is ‘labelled’ as deviant and criminal behaviours.  It is therefore extremely challenging for
lower-class individuals to conform to the standards of acceptable behaviour and
norms of other social classes as they are simply conforming to the norms in
which they were raised.  Unfortunately, this just promotes the cycle that exists
for them in society. 

            Moreover, by
applying the theories examined throughout the semester to Boyz N the Hood, I was able to gain a better
understanding of the many social influences that can lead to ‘deviance’ and
‘crime’.   The theories and readings also helped me to
understand the pressures endured by marginalized groups who try to better
themselves in society but do not often have the upbringing necessary to do so
and thus meet several road blocks and consequently the cycle continues for
them. It is an unfortunate situation in an era where people are more educated
than ever before, that such divisions and injustices continue to exist.