NameShunagjin seeking spirit in pursuit of scientific research.3.

NameShunagjin XiaoGenderMaleDate of birth (yy/mm/dd)Aug.1986CollegeHunan UniversityMajorEnglish Language and Literature, English Teaching&LearningDomestic supervisor Hosting foreign countryBritainHosting foreign institutionHull/StirlingHosting faculty or departmentEducationHosting foreign supervisor Area of researchEducation ResearchDuration of study  36   months ( from  2017  to  2020     ) RESEARCH PROJECT TITLE : A Strategic Study on the Cross-cultural Education Oriented English Teaching and Learning Development in China’s Higher Institutions against the Background of the New Media Technology Growth SCIENTIFIC PREMISES: 1.Full preparations are made to conduct the research project, such as good English capability, good health, anti-pressure ability, solitude tolerance, strong curiosity and keen insight.2. So many years of study at the university and work in society have fostered my assiduous attitude towards knowledge, creative and concentrated mind and truth seeking spirit in pursuit of scientific research.3. I have a strong love and passion for the research project that I am going to conduct. I can endure all kinds of failures in my life.  INTRODUCTION OF THE RESEARCH BACKGROUND: As it is generally recognized that the English language has already become the world language. The English language teaching and learning in China’s higher institutions boasts quite a long history, but the efficiency of teaching and learning is not as good as many people expect. The reasons are various, yet the most critical one is that the teaching methods and ideas should be transformed and updated as time passes by. As it is known that language is deeply rooted in the culture and one has to acquire the culture while learning a foreign language. Only in so doing can a language learner understand the language as a whole and express the ideas smoothly. However, most Chinese universities do not give equal importance to the cultural study in the process of English language education. Instead, they put too much focus on the English language education itself. Therefore, lots of college students can only understand the language forms and grammatical knowledge. They are lack of the cultural background knowledge and can not speak well. What the students have learned is just the superficial knowledge of the English language. We can not say they have mastered the language in a proficient manner because they are not bathed in the English culture and have not formed the English thinking pattern either. Currently, most studies on the English language education are reflected in the teaching methods and spoken capability. Cross-culture oriented English education has gained little popularity. Under the development of new media technology, we could employ the internet media and communications tools in the English language teaching. In so doing, I strongly put forward the idea that it is indeed worthwhile to conduct a research on the cross-cultural education oriented English teaching and learning to improve the practicality and efficiency in the English language education in China’s higher institutions.    THE SUMMARY OF THE RESEARCH PREPARATION? 1. I have worked as a english teacher in china’s higher institutions for nearly three years since I graduated from the university. And now I have practical experience if not too much in the area of language teaching and learning. I joined the research project at the university where I am working and see many typical cases about the English language teaching. I now keep listening to the lectures of other teachers of the English language and have found numerous teaching ideas most of which are similar to each other because they only teach the English language forms and tell students how to solve language questions and speak English in a Chinese way. This well explains how important it is to conduct the cross-cultural education in the course of English language teaching and learning among China’s college students.2. I have conducted a close reading of the mainstream education theories at home and abroad about the practical teaching in order to give a study of the cross-cutural education in English teaching and learning.3. The national eduacation policy, foreign language education principles and the foreign language education development strategies are the top priority while conducting a research on the English language teaching and learning.4. The information technology and communications serves a good function in carring out the cross-cultural education. Teachers are able to utilize a variety of new media tools to conduct the language education to students, namely, smart phones, ipad, wechat, facebook, QQ, micro-blog, mooc, vedio clip and we-media showcases. This could make the language learning lively and interesting and can attain the desired teaching results.  THE AIM AND EXPECTATION OF THE RESEARCH: 1. We could change current English language teaching and learning into a more visulized and inter-active activity which enables students to be more involed in and out of classes via the new media tools.2. Teachers of the English language could give equal importance to the cultural knowledge rather than language study alone.3. Students are able to gain access to the internet media to read the language and culture knowledge through the new media tools created by the teachers or the university.4. Teachers can have the chance to contact the students directly through the communications techniques to know the latest progress of the English language learning. Besides, teachers could also work as a private mentor to help the students with the learning of the English language out of classes. Teachers and students could become even more interactive via the new media technology. 5. According to the present research, teachers could make revolutionary adjustments in the English language teaching and learning under the internet environment. Not only that, they could also know how to infuse the cross-cultural knowledge into the language teaching through the employment of the new media technology. As such, teaching methods can get revolutionized and innovated compared to the traditional and conventionalized teaching and learning. In the end, the efficiency of the students’English learning could be immensely improved. This enables students to better master the English language and enlarge their internationalized horizon to a greater extent.    THE EXPERIMENTAL METHODS AND RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (where required): 1. Collect enough data about the research project and conduct a wide range of literature review related to the research problem.2. Qulitative and quantitative assessment will be adopted while conducting a research in this project.3.Compare the results of the research with previous studies related to this project.4. Present a comprehensive summary about this research project and mesure the workability of the research.  THE ARRAGEMENT OF THE RESEARCH WORK: (1) 1st year: Refreshing and learning some knowledge especially the education theories and the teaching theories and methods as well.(2) 2nd year: Manage the data from the reading articles and work out the draft and discuss the feasibility of the program with my professor. (3) 3rd year: conduct the experiment research,write the desertation and achieve the expected results. (4) In the final stage, I will finish the thesis and papers that are ready to be submitted to the international journals.  THE LEVEL AND ADVANTAGE OF THE HOSTING FOREIGN INSTITUTION ON THIS PROJECT: The research about the Cross-cultural Education Oriented English Teaching and Learning Development in China’s Higher Institutions against the Background of the New Media Technology Growth is very fundamental and still in its infancy, so this is the area that I want to conduct a research in. One of the challenges that the present research is facing is that we have to conduct a field survey and collect some empirical data in Chinese higher institutions. More importantly, wehave to compare the data before and after the employment of the teaching methods. This would help students and teachers better understand the way of learning and teaching of the English language and form one of the leading techniques in the future. According to research, the efficiency of the students’English learning could be immensely improved and the teachers’teaching beliefs and ideas could also get innovated and transformed to greatest extent.THE STUDY/WORK PLAN AFTER RETURNING TO CHINA:  Studying abroad will provide me with great opportunities to learn advanced knowledge and better working ways. After the completion of my study abroad, I will return to China to serve my motherland. With the unique study experience abroad and great efforts, I am convinced that I will have a successful and productive career in the English language teaching and learning field in China. In addition, I am a family-oriented girl. I would like to go back to China to take good care of my parents who are getting close to retirement.Based on my own experience and strong study motivation, please trust me that I have the ability to study in Britain. I really hope that you will approve my application and issue a student visa for me to study in Canada.